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The incredibly detailed hand embroidered jamdani motifs—--just divine. This one will take you breezing in from the catwalk to high street in the blink of an eye. Labor and love woven into one as the fabric is first produced by hand on wooden looms and then the intricate ancient motifs are embroidered by these talented artisans using ancient jamdani techniques. Dimension: 72”x22” Content: Handwoven cotton. Color: Base white and replete with brown mesmerizing hand woven motifs and borders. There will be very minor imperfections like slubs (small sections of yarn that open up a little after being woven) these only add to the charm and make every piece unique and distinguish them from machine made. Eco friendly: No machines were used, so we saved electricity and tons of harmful carbon emissions. Handwoven, hand dyed, hand embellished and hand hem finish. Care: Dry clean only.

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