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Camazotzs claw (Classic) 7538
ByJonathan Goldstein

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Product Info

This unisex ring is designed in the image of the claw of Camazotz, a bat god in ancient Mayan culture. Kame, meaning "death", and sotz', meaning "bat." Camazotz was associated with night, death, and sacrifice. The guardian of the Underworld, Camazotz is worshipped for its rule over the darkness, and a powerful sign to mark against enemies. Warning: this ring is pointy, and should be used with caution. Great for head turning and self-defense. To achieve the look of this black and distressed sterling silver ring, I cast, carved, recast, cleaned, recast, cleaned, oxidized, and then hand polished to bring out the highlights while the sunken portions remain dark. Allot of time and care has been put in to achieve this effect. I assure quality that you, as well as others will appreciate. avalible sizes: UK: H1/2 / M / Q EU: 14.9 / 16.5 / 18.1 US: 4 / 6 / 8

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