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Boho Beauty Brazilian Amethyst and Quartz Flowing Necklace

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Beautiful long and chic yoga inspired Amethyst and Quartz necklace accented with silver and gunmetal spacers and silver clasp. Approx 20 inches and truly shimmers in the sunlight! Can be worn casual to a concert, night on the town or to dress up any outfit as well! Amethyst is the “stone of spiritual contentment.” It is also the birthstone of February. It facilitates transmutation of lower energies to higher frequencies. It balances emotional, intellectual & physical energies of the body, as well as the physical & metaphysical energies. Amethyst is a great crystal for meditation as it is an excellent conductor of peaceful energy for one to maintain that state. It is used for mental clarity, stability, strength, and peace. It represents the communication chakra. Chakras are seven energy centers down our bodies that maintain personal and current states of wellbeing. Crystals are used to align the chakras to keep you in balance!

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