UsTrendy Trend Setter of the Week: Ashley Guyatt


Talk about a blogger with swagger! We love Blogger Ashley Guyatt of Polk Dots & Sailor Stripes! She has flawless style with minimal accessories and always looks polished to the max! Check out her interview with UsTrendy below and of course her blog for some fashion inspiration! XOXO

What inspired you to start your blog?

That’s a hard question to answer shortly! Lots of things came together and motivated me to get it started. While studying abroad in college, one of my roommates introduced me to my first fashion blog; I became obsessed with just scrolling through the outfits and reading the short little blurbs she wrote. Already being someone who loved writing in a journal to remember specific things in my life, I was fascinated at the thought of putting it on a blog and including pictures to go back to whenever I wanted. The obsession progressed after I started discovering other fashion bloggers. One night when I couldn’t sleep, my now blog name ‘Polka Dots & Sailor Stripes’ just popped into my head and I was overwhelmed with the desire to start my own blog! The next day I woke up and just did it…and voila, here I am today!

How would you describe your own personal style?

My own personal style is all over the place; it all depends on how I am feeling that day. I go from wanting to dress like an upper east side socialite, to downtown LA chic-grunge, to a carefree beach babe. I use my clothes to express my mood and to be a different person each day, and I love experimenting. When you look at my closet, it is an organized mess…in the sense that you will find breathtaking midi skirts, and ripped denim…all in the same area!

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

I am majorly obsessing over shoes these days. In the last month I bought 8 pairs…like, what is that?!?! Granted, LOTS of them were style steals and on major major discount…but still, I can’t believe I did that! I am realizing that purchasing GOOD shoes that you can wear with many different outfits is SO important. I knocked out a lot of basics that I have been dying to own for so long (ie. leopard heels, nude pointed-toe pumps, black loafers, nude heeled sandals for summer…just to name a few!) Also, pastels. I cannot get enough pastels lately. Spring has definitely hit me hard!

Is there someone out there who inspires you fashion-wise?

I would say my main style inspirations are Amber Fillerup Clark from Barefoot Blonde, and Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific. Their styles are both pretty different, which is why I have to say both of them! My personal style changes every single day, depending on my mood, so I pull a lot of inspiration from both of them!

What is your favorite product from UsTrendy?

That’s way too hard to answer! There are so many cute things on the website — I am obsessed with so many of the floral rompers and Spring dresses. I am also extremely obsessed with the leopard coat I have from UsTrendy; I wish I could wear it everyday!

What trend do you hope stays around forever or makes a comeback? 

I hope that leopard print stays forever! It hasn’t showed any signs of stopping, but I hope that it never turns into something that is “so last year” because I would be heartbroken! I love my leopard accessories, and do not have any plans of retiring them anytime soon!

Where do you like to travel?

Everywhere! I am definitely someone who loves to jetset. I studied abroad in college, so Europe is one of my favorite places to explore, but for now conquering the US is on my list of things to do! I definitely have a soft spot for NYC, and just recently discovered my love for Chicago and San Francisco. Safe to say I am a beach girl turned city girl at heart!

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Other than the obvious things like my family, loved ones, and chocolate…I really have to say shopping (is that terrible of me to admit?!). When I try to be “good” and not shop for an extended amount of time, my inspiration and creativity runs so low! Shopping gives me such a high and inspires me to create new outfits, even with the things hanging in my close! I stick to the affordable stores so I don’t feel as bad, but either way, I need to go shopping to stay inspired!


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