UsTrendy’s Trendsetter of the Week: Stephanie Allaire

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Stephanie Allaire isn’t afraid to stray from the crowd. Her unique, bold style shows both her confidence and success in the fashion world. She stands as an individual who will always go with her gut. With this mindset, she finds herself climbing the latter in the fashion world. We admire her style and attitude towards the industry. Find out how she does it below!

What’s a day in your life consist of?

A typical day in my life starts at 7 am. I check my emails, my instagram, and my blog to make sure I’m up to date on everything. I grab coffee and head to work around 8:30 (I just started a new job so I haven’t quite figured out my daily work routine yet!). After work I’ll either head to the gym or head home, figure out what look I want to shoot that night, and when my boyfriend gets home we take photos on the roof. I start editing, choosing my favorites, and planning out my instagram and blog posts for the week! Then we usually nightcap with some wine and netflix (is there a better way to end a week night?)

Favorite spots in San Fran?

I have a ton of favorite spots in SF, but if I had to narrow it down to neighborhoods I would say Hayes Valley, Lower Haight, North Beach, and SOMA (my neighborhood).

What’s your signature accessory/ piece of clothing?

My signature piece of clothing is most definitely my faux leather jacket from Zara. I swear I have to keep myself from wearing it every day! It was such a good find, great price and great quality (everyone thinks it’s Saint Laurent). It just gives any look that elevated touch and a little edge. Basically you need to go out and get one right now.

Was there a turning point when you knew you were meant to be in the fashion industry?

I’ve known I wanted to be in the fashion industry since birth, I swear! I went through many excruciating fashion phases in my preteen and teen years, but I always knew I wanted a career in the industry. I got into FIDM and immediately started my journey from there. The highlight of my career so far is getting to go to a Chanel runway show in Paris last October. I will never forget that day.

Who’s your biggest inspiration in the fashion world?

Well, Kate Moss has always been number one for me as far as fashion icons. She’s the epitome of cool. I have to say Kendall Jenner is killing the street style game, I get inspiration for outfits from her all the time. My favorite fashion blogger icons are WeWoreWhat and Chiara Ferragni, but I love to find fashion inspiration through instagram, pinterest, and just walking down the street.

Favorite color?

Black and dark burgundy

You’ve been in the industry for a while, how long? Any words of wisdom to those trying to make it in the fashion world?

I started in the fashion industry in 2006!! My first “fashion” retail job was at Abercrombie & Fitch. After FIDM, I immediately started at Nordstrom in the Visual Merchandising department and my career took off from there! My words of wisdom are… find what inspires you, make new connections as often as possible, dress for the job you want, work your ass off, and don’t give up.

Something your followers would be surprised to hear about you?

Hmm.. that I went to South Korea with my dance team in high school to perform at the Jeju Fire Festival.

Favorite quote?

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” YSL

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome?

Pertaining to the social media world, I was always so afraid to put myself out there and worried people wouldn’t like my style and would judge me. I learned over the years to screw the trends and the rules, do your own thing and if people like it, great! Don’t conform to what everyone else is doing, adapt the trends you like into your own style and stand out. Find a community on instagram that shares a similar aesthetic and style, and get inspired by each other.

Check Out Stephanie’s Blog

Check Out Stephanie’s Instagram

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UsTrendy Trendsetters of the Week: Molly Hogan


Molly Hogan, personally styles our blog with her trendy advice. Her positive attitude and great taste are contagious. Her passion for the industry shows in her work. She works hard to get where she wants to be in the fashion world. Her boho vibes and delicate outfits surely stand out and are definitely taken note of.

Tell us about some of the places you’ve traveled? Where you grew up? Where you’re at now? What’s been your favorite?

            I’m a bit all over the place! I was born in Atlanta, GA and grew up in Chicago. After high school, I went to college in Austin, TX and my parents moved to the             upper west side of Manhattan. And now I’m living in LA! I love love love Chicago, because it’s home and it’s where most of my best friends and family are. That being said, New York is such a fun place to come home to when I visit my parents. The city is electric and I love going to museums, people watching in Central Park, etc.

            I love to travel! My all time favorite place I’ve been in Cape Town, South Africa. I studied abroad there in college and absolutely fell in love. If you haven’t been, you have to go. I promise the 22 hour flight is worth it!

What’s on the bucket list of things to do?

I crossed a lot of the “typical bucket list” things off while studying in Cape Town (sky diving, bungee jumping, etc.). My bucket list now has a lot to do with my career – I’d love to grow my blog and get to a place where that was my only job (I work in advertising full time as well!). There’s also more places I’d love to travel – Thailand, Greece, Japan and so many more.

How would you describe your own personal style?

I’d describe my personal style as boho and feminine, for the most part. I like wearing things that are pretty and delicate, and comfort is super important to me, too! My style does change depending on where I am. For New York, I’ll go a bit more edgy and where those pieces that would be too outrageous for the laid back vibe of LA.

What’s a piece in your closet that you wear on repeat?

Definitely my Matisse “Caty” python booties. I wear them almost every day! They’re so comfortable and go with everything in my closet :)

Favorite quote? 

Oh gosh I have SO many! Can I pick two?

“If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will make you happy, risk it. Life’s too short, and happiness is too rare.”

            – A.R. Lucas

“Don’t you dare shrink yourself for someone else’s comfort. Do not become small for people who refuse to grow.” #GIRLPOWER!

What’s a typical day in your life look like? 

During the week, I’ll head to work, workout (usually pilates!) and work on blog posts (not very exciting). On the weekends, I have photoshoots Saturday and Sunday usually in the morning. I’ll try to make time to grab brunch with my friends and take meetings with brands and showrooms. I love going to the beach – Point Dume in Malibu is the best – and going on hikes or hitting the Santa Monica stairs. My favorite Sunday activity is Melrose Trading Post, which is a huge flea market of vintage clothes, art, furniture, etc. If you’re in LA it’s a must-see!

 Something your followers would be surprised to hear about you?

I think most of my followers don’t know that I work full time and blog. The perception of bloggers is that we brunch and shop all day, but most of us have other careers on top of our passion for blogging!

What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?

I always say rule #1 in blogging, or any job in fashion/media has to be don’t give up. I know it sounds typical, but fashion is tough industry and it’s easy to get discouraged, especially when you’re first starting out. Facilitating partnerships with brands, gaining followers and becoming successful takes lots of time and hard work, so hang in there and keep your head up!

Check Out Molly’s Blog

Check Out Molly’s Instgram

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetter of the Week: Koral Vak


Koral Vak, @koral_vak, finds herself setting trends with her own custom made jewelry. She personally creates her own jewelry and isn’t afraid to boldly set a new style. Her creativity has lead her to great lengths as she continues to design new pieces everyday!

Did you go to school for fashion or it’s just a hobby that you got into?
I did not go to a fashion school, but fashion and design have always played a big role in my life. I have always loved to tinker fabric, accessories and design innovative clothing. Design is my passion and my creative side is expressed in every work that I do.

Any cool hobbies we should hear about?
I started to experiment with Jewelry as a hobby and slowly I gained expertise in design and welding jewelry. I always challenge myself to create jewelry and accessories that are functional but at the same time beautifully designed. I let my imagination and inspiration to guide me in creation and crafting new items. In addition, I like to paint and draw mandalas, it is very reassuring to me. At times I enjoy photography and the art of manipulating photos and mesh them with my paintings.

How would you describe your own personal style?
My personal style is characterized by street fashion, combining casual clothes with stylishly sporty look. I always try to bring my own personality into every outfit – with unique hairstyle, and improvised accessories. Also, I can wear classic clothes and make a spin with accessories, makeup and hairstyle to give it a younger and refreshing look.

Who is your favorite social media personality?
Chiara Ferragni – She has a unique look. She is interesting and inspiring, and she knows exactly who she is. Her personality is well portrayed and on social networks, and she manages to combine her feminine side and her tomboy look in a seamless way which led me to follow and admire her work.

Any cool places you’re traveling to soon/any destinations you’re hoping to visit?
Recently I was in Berlin which is an amazing city, a lively and interesting with lots of color and vibrant culture that combines old and new with breathtaking architecture and authentic urban feel. Some streets of are covered with graffiti which portrays the artistic character of the city and hipster atmosphere. It reminds me my favorite city where I live – Tel Aviv, Israel, a lot of people walking around the streets with their personal style and the credo of ” personal style and out of the box mentality “

Favorite food?
My favorite food is sushi food. I like the Japanese cuisine because the flavors, and aesthetics of the food. The raw materials are always fresh and the integration of proteins vegetables carbohydrates making the presentation of the food a big part of the taste and the experience.

Tell us a little bit about where you live?
I live in Tel Aviv, Israel which is a colorful, and vibrant city that never sleeps. The city incorporates numerous restaurants and cafes, crazy nightlife, and striking beautiful beaches. It’s a metropolitan with a variety of cultures and diverse cousins.

What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?
Don’t go with the mainstream trends – everyone is doing it!!! You need to understand the behavior change that is taking place and innocent the next trend. Love what you do and focus one vertices 100% and be the best in that space. Take risks and be bold. Stay true to who you are as a person and instill your values in the art and design that you create. Don’t waste your time living someone else’s life.


Check Out Koral’s Instagram

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Kate Tikhomirova


Kate Tikhomirova’s, @katetik, passionate spirits leave us wanting more. She shows us that hard work and determination will get you wherever you want to be. Her knack for style is unique and bold. She’s not afraid to show her true colors. Her confidence speaks volumes as she expresses herself without thinking twice what others will say; a true inspiration to the fashion industry.

How would you describe your own personal style?

My style very much depends on my mood or destination as I love to play dress up and emerge myself in the spirit of an occasion or be totally minimal when off duty. I love experimenting and mixing prints and don’t shy away from a bold accessory either.

Any cool hobbies we should hear about?

Horse riding, unicorns are my spirit animals after all 😉

What’s a typical day in your life like?

When not travelling my typical day involves a lot of emails phone calls and research whether for an upcoming story or a collaboration project. Usually once I get the tedious tasks out of the way, the fun part starts and I get to manage the visual content; like styling outfits for post or shooting lifestyle images. Also since I am a total night owl my usual day involves staying up late into the night brainstorming new creative ideas and planning the next getaway :)

When did you discover that fashion is the world you belonged in?

I was very creative from a young age so all things design and fashion always fascinated me, but it was my first internship at Diane Von Furstenberg that really cemented my love for fashion; something about seeing so many other talented creative people hard at work creates an inspiring atmosphere.

Who’s your biggest inspiration in the fashion world? 

Olivia Palermo; I love how she pushes the envelope and often creates such complex outfits yet manages to look so elegant and effortless.

What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Velvet and corset belts

Upcoming fall must haves?

Anything velvet and corset belts 😉

What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?

Put in the work; do those internships, it might not be glamorous but it’s the best way to learn and get your foot in the door.

A staple in your closet that you’ll never get tired of?

My Pshali Phillip lim bag, I’ve updated the same model in different colors over the years but it’s one of those versatile handbags that you can wear with a boho maxi dress or jeans and a t-shirt and still feel totally on trend.

Random fact that your followers would be surprised to hear about you?

I speak 4 languages

What your hopes/future plans for your blog/social media influence/work? 

Like so many of my colleagues in the industry I am still learning every day and adapting to the ever changing fast paced world of social media. I hope to engage more with my followers through snapchat and insta stories and share more behind the scenes action. Also my next aim is to create more video content and I’d love to shoot my first travel vlog. I basically just want my followers/ readers to get to know me on a more personal level.

Check Out Kate’s Blog

Check Out Kate’s Instagram

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Rea Petsa


Rea Petsa, a woman of many talents – adds fashionista on her list. She’s not only a proud teacher but also the hippest mom on the block! She shares her insights into how she balances her fully filled life. While managing all of this, she happens to have the greatest fashion sense and helps us find out what to wear next in her amazing blog.

So we hear you’re a teacher? What subjects? Why these? What age do you teach?

Yes, I’m a History and Greek language teacher. Since I was a little girl I remember having the dream of being a teacher! History and Greek were always my favorite subjects in school and I was also really good at them, so it was something that came naturally!

You’re a proud mom on top of that? How long have you been a mom for? Give us a little on your child? Name? Gender? How do you balance your busy life? How’d you stay in such amazing shape!

I’m a mommy too yes! My baby boy is 16 months old and he is the joy of my life! His name is Athanasios and he is very very hyper, active and crazy! We spend all day together – especially now that the schools are closed – and I love seeing his cute little personality develop! It is a challenge to balance a baby, a husband, a job and a blog, but hey, I try my best to find time for everything! I don’t really exercise, but I plan to start my Pilates lessons again really soon!


Another amazing quality – you’re bilingual? What languages? What’s your native language? 

My mother language is Greek, but I work at an English speaking school and have studied in London for my MA! I even find myself thinking in English sometimes!

Favorite thing to blog about?

I absolutely love blogging about fashion, current trends and style inspirations! I have to tell you though that my secret love is cooking and trying out new recipes, which I sometimes blog about too!

What made you get into a career in blogging? 

After giving birth to my boy I realized how much time was going to waste before I had him. I knew that I had to pursue a blogging career as it was something I dreamed about for a while and thought I was too busy to do! Turns out, I made the right choice!

Favorite food? Meal to cook for the fam?

My favorite food is the traditional dish of the Greek cuisine, mousakas. It is made of minced meat, potatoes, aubergines, zucchinis in layers and bechamel and cheese on top. My hubby loves healthy food, so I often cook grilled chicken or fish with rice or quinoa!

Biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Each challenge I had to face in life, made me the strong woman I am today!

Best place you’ve been?

It has to be Rome. One cannot visit Rome and not adore it. It is one of the most amazing cities in the world. The history, culture and story behind each street you walk, each sculpture you see, each monument you admire is something priceless that I think everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Something people would be surprised to hear about you?

That I never drink coffee or alcohol!

You seem to have done it all, anything else on the bucket list?

I still have lots of things I want to do! I’d love to travel to as many places as possible, have another baby, go skiing, learn another language and start a charity for children. And I have to tell you this: I love crossing things off my bucket list!

Check Out Rea’s Blog

Check Out Rea’s Instagram



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