Where Can You Wear a Formal Dress?

Formal dresses are the perfect outfit: they make you feel special and, at the same time, help you look completely sexy and desirable, while still classy. But formal dresses also have a downside, which is that many women find all too few occasions where they get to wear them. That’s a shame, because a formal dress is an investment and a good dress is likely to stay in your closet for years to come: you should get a chance to show it off!

The main place that most women wear formal dresses is to weddings. But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), you can’t control when your girlfriends are getting married and there’s not always a wedding to go to. So where else can you wear formal dresses? Here are a few places you might not have thought of:

  • Art events – Just strolling through the local museum on a Sunday is not the right time to break out your best formal dress, but any kind of art-related event is. Check with your local museum to see if they have any evening events coming up, such as an opening of an exhibit or a special gala. Sometimes, there will be a charge to get into these events, but museum members often get a discounted or free admission. Galleries also regularly hold openings for new artists. Not everyone at an art event will be dressed in formal wear, but you won’t be the only one and you’ll find that you fit in perfectly.

The drape of this dress is actually its own form of artwork – so you'll fit right in at the gallery!

  • Dances – How often do you get to go dancing? Not clubbing, but actual dancing. Take a dance class at a local studio and you’ll not only add some great new steps to your repertoire, you’ll also get invites to formal dances happening near you. Take your beau (or a couple girlfriends!) and show off your new moves… as well as your favorite formal dress!
  • Women’s clubs – Does that sound old-fashioned? Joining a women’s association like the Junior League isn’t just about knitting and growing roses. These associations bring together professional women to raise funds for good causes and perform service work. Often, the way funds are raised is through events like balls and galas… which is the perfect time to show off your formal dresses! You’ll be at home with other civic-minded women who also have great fashion sense.

These are just a few places where formal dresses can make an appearance. Costume parties, dance nights on cruise ships, and concerts and plays are other great chances to debut your formal wear. Where did you last wear a formal dress?

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Looking Great While Still Looking Work Appropriate

Dressing for work can seem simple to some, but for others it’s something that will always bother them. Forgive the stereotyping, but in general men have it easy when it comes to dressing for work. They throw on a pair of slacks, a button down shirt, and they’re ready to face the day. Women have a lot to think about in terms of work appropriate clothing. They need to make sure that what they have on doesn’t accidently reveal too much and need to see to it that their clothing choices are considered “serious enough.”

Everybody wants to look nice and feel confident in what they wear to work, but that can be difficult when you’re sitting in an ill-fitting and uncomfortable pants suit. There are ways you can look stylish and still have work appropriate clothing. Just follow these tips when you’re going through your work wardrobe.

Be mindful of straps

The easiest way for a seemingly work appropriate outfit to go from nice to nasty is to accidently expose a bra-strap. Visible bra-straps should be considered a fashion faux pas in any situation, but they’re especially heinous when you’re at work. The easiest way to avoid an accidental strap flash is to make sure that you wear bras that are properly fitted for your body. An ill-fitting cup or band size can make it much easier for a wayward strap to appear. Also, try to avoid wearing any shirt with spaghetti straps, even if you’re planning on wearing a sweater or fitted jacket with it.

Shoot for low hemlines

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a well-fitted and modest skirt to work, you just need to make sure that it isn’t too short. There’s nothing worse than wearing a skirt to work that looks long in the front, but too short in the back . . . or just too short all around. The easiest way to avoid this is to try to wear longer skirts when you’re getting dressed for work. Try not to wear anything that has a hemline that goes more than one inch above your knee. A-line or pencil skirts work best when you’re at work, but, no matter the style, avoid anything really short at all costs.

Stock up on simple, casual dresses

Some people can feel their most comfortable and confident when they’re in a dress, but when you’re at work you need to make sure that you’re wearing the right kind. Save your short, sequined, and loud dresses for when you’re out with friends. The easiest way to find work appropriate dresses is to find simple-colored casual dresses that you can dress up with accessories. A plain solid colored dress can look amazing with the right shoes, jewelry, and bag, and still be appropriate for work.

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Save Money, and Have an Awesome Bachelorette Party

If you love weddings, you may smile instead of cringe when your friend asks you to join her bridal party. Weddings can take up a lot of time and cost a lot of money, but you never mind. You’re more than happy to spend your days looking at floral arrangements, giving your advice on shoes and hairstyles, and doing whatever you need to make your friend’s special day beautiful.

When you’re planning your friend’s wedding day, you can’t forget to plan their last big event as an unmarried woman. Bachelorette parties seem to be getting more elaborate and expensive, and even people who love weddings can feel a bit overwhelmed when they’re trying to plan something fun that may or may not be a surprise for the bride-to-be. You don’t have to go crazy or drain your bank account to plan an awesome bachelorette party, just follow these tips and your friend will remember her party for years to come.

Know that it’s okay to make it a day event

In a time when some bridal parties are reserving entire weekends and using vacation days to make the party last even longer, you may feel a little guilty when the thought of throwing a multi-day party just makes you feel tired. You don’t have to plan a weekend getaway to have a fun bachelorette party – you can do everything you want to do on one well-planned Saturday. Start the day with something fun like a mimosa-filled brunch, and then spend the day at a spa getting pampered. After a relaxing afternoon, you can plan some time for a shopping trip so that you can all have some new sexy party dresses to wear that night. You can have a nice dinner, then hit the clubs and bars. While we’re on the topic of clubs and bars, we should mention that you should…

Shop around for clubs

It may feel tempting to book a private table at the hottest club in town, but if you don’t want to spend a lot, that new hot spot could cost you a lot of money. Popular clubs usually come with a long wait-list, and inflated costs for bottle and other private V.I.P. services. Do some research on what the most popular nightclubs are charging for V.I.P. services, and see if they offer any discounts for bachelorette groups. Don’t be afraid to mention that you’ve found places with cheaper services when you’re making your reservations. Some places are more than willing to knock a few dollars off of their price if they’re worried about losing a customer. Also look around on Groupon and DailyDeals to see if you can get any discounts.

Skip the special transportation

It seems like limos and party buses have become standards for bachelor and bachelorette parties, but they’re way too expensive and needless for what you want to do. If you still want to travel in style without having to spend a lot of money, look for Uber service in your area. You can choose to be picked up in a classy town car, or a nice larger vehicle that can fit everyone.


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3 Dresses Every Woman Should Have

What do you have in your wardrobe? It seems like every woman has something that she’s particularly proud of owning. For some, it’s a beautiful pair of designer heels they were able to snag at a decent price; for others, it’s their perfectly pressed and maintained business suits and skirts. Everybody has that one item they’re proud to own, but we can all agree that are some things every woman must have. A comfortable pair of heels and a simple cover-up sweater come to mind, but there is one item you’ll need more than one of to make your wardrobe complete: dresses. There are the perfect dresses for every occasion you can think of (which go far beyond the token little black dress), and if you have these staples in your wardrobe, you’ll be ready for any event that comes your way.

The perfect date dress

Sometimes a dating opportunity can surprise you and, if you make a date for the evening, you’re going to want to have clothing you’ll be able to effortlessly put on and look fabulous in. It doesn’t matter what it looks like – it just has to be something that you’ll feel comfortable and beautiful in. Find something that complements you and your skin tone, and can be easily dressed up or down with accessories.

The perfect interview dress

Some people feel at their most professional when they’re wearing a button down shirt and sensible pants, but sometimes you’re going to want to put on a conservative, yet nice dress that you can wear. It’s always better to dress a little more formally than you would during a regular day at the office, so you should find a dress that feels more sophisticated. Make sure that it doesn’t have a really plunging neckline and that it isn’t too short. Remember that you can always look nice without having to show a lot of skin.


The perfect club dress

You never know when you’ll want to have a night out on the town to unwind after a day of work, and you want to make sure that you’ll always have something to slip on. Your club dress should be a step up from your standard party dress, so think about something a bit flashier. Sequin dresses can always add that extra pop you need to your wardrobe, or a dress with a bold neckline or different back cut can work.


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Tips for Pleasing Every Club’s Dress Code

When you’re going out to the club, you need to make sure that you’re ready. When most people go clubbing, they do anything they can to look their best, but sometimes the best in their eyes isn’t the same best that the club has in mind. There have been times when you haven’t been able to get in because it was too full, or maybe you even couldn’t make the cover or you forgot to bring your I.D. If you thought those situations were embarrassing, imagine getting turned away from a club because of what you’re wearing.

There are some clubs that have very lax rules about the clothes their patrons wear, but dress codes have become more common in some of the more popular clubs. Some ladies think that they’ll be able to get into a club regardless of what they’re wearing, but that thinking can just get you bounced out of line. You can try to call ahead to make sure that you’re dressed up to their standards, but if you’re going out to multiple places that can be problematic. You can’t dress according to every club’s standards, but you can dress in a way that can make your odds of getting turned away a lot less. If you don’t want to be stopped by any doormen the next time you’re out, follow these rules when you’re picking out your clothes:

Gauge your group

If you’re going out clubbing, it’s safe to assume that you’re going with a group of people. If you want to avoid upsetting a club’s dress code, try to think about where you’ll most likely end up for the night. Do your friends like to go out to wild clubs? Then you should go through your sexiest club dresses and highest heels when you’re planning your outfit. Do your friends like to go to quieter and more upscale places? Then you should leave your loudest and most revealing outfits at home and go for a more sophisticated look.

Leave your jeans at home

Jeans have become acceptable at a surprising amount of work places, but don’t expect them to be allowed at some of your city’s hottest clubs. There are some clubs that don’t mind if their guests wear jeans, but if you want to play it safe, leave your jeans at home; if you want to be extra careful, avoid denim altogether. A denim skirt or jacket may look cute, but they could keep you from getting into your club of choice. If you avoid wearing jean clothing, you’ll have a much better chance of getting into a club.

Skip this for the club and wear it to a picnic or casual party.

Go for this instead!


Avoid baggy clothing

Huge shirts and saggy jeans may be popular, but they can end up getting you denied entry. Some bar and club owners just don’t like the way that baggy styles look, and they want to maintain a more stylish atmosphere. Others don’t allow baggy clothing for safety reasons. You may be wearing baggy clothes because you find them comfortable, but others could be wearing loose clothes to smuggle in weapons, alcohol, or drugs.

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