The Skinny on Skinny Jeans: Dos and Don’ts

One trend that won’t be going away anytime soon is the prevalence of skinny jeans for women. While skinny jeans are by no means the only trendy option right now, they have a great look all their own that repeatedly steals the show at fashion venues. But many women aren’t sure how best to wear skinny jeans. Here are our complete dos and don’ts to help you look great:

DO be brave in wearing them. Let’s start off by just confessing that most of us aren’t size-0 models… but we can still wear skinny jeans! Many women are daunted by skinny jeans (the name alone gives us heart palpitations) but the truth is skinny jeans for women are just a different cut of jean that works well with many body types. If you are a fuller figured, a pair of skinny jeans that fits you well can help taper down your profile. Balance it out with boots and a nice top with a bit of flow to it and you’ll have a winning look.

DON’T go two sizes too small. Everything we said above? It applies only if the jeans fit. Skinny jeans are always snug in the legs but the waist should fit comfortably or else your body is fighting against the jeans’ silhouette, which will make them both uncomfortable and unflattering. Find a pair that fits great up top and you can trust those fitted legs to do their job.

DO pair with blousy tops. Remember, a big part of fashion is contrast. Skinny down below doesn’t always pair well with skinny up top. In other words, if you want to wear a fitted top then leave your skinny jeans for another day—skinny jeans look best with an oversize tank top (summer), a chunky sweater (winter) or a blousy top (any time).

DON’T overdo distress. This is really a rule for jeans in general. Ripping, graffiti, fringe and stitching can all add a rough, edgy look to an otherwise ordinary pair of jeans. But all of these things work best in moderation. Choose one method of distress, not all four, and go light.

DO tuck into boots. You don’t have to cuff jeans to rock a great pair of boots. Take advantage of the tapered leg and just tuck your jeans into a great pair of tall boots.

DO experiment with mixed looks. Jeans in general work in a wide variety of looks, whether blended with heels and a formal top or a simple tee and lots of jewelry. Don’t think of your skinny jeans as casual only—they bring a unique profile that can work well in a variety of high fashion looks.

Do you wear skinny jeans? What do you like about them?

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An Introduction to Xenia Dresses

Everyone wants to look good. And more than that, we all want to stand out. One way to do that is to step outside the mainstream by focusing your shopping on indie clothing designers. There are many small and mid-size fashion lines that you won’t see in the major department stores but which easily compete with the biggest names for design, quality, and trendiness. In the era of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find these hidden gems and small fashion boutiques, and taking the time to do so can totally revolutionize your wardrobe. There are many good examples of these emerging labels, but Xenia dresses are a perfect example of what makes them so great.

Xenia Boutique is an Australia-based fashion line that makes a wide range of women’s clothing and accessories—although arguably dresses are their forte. Xenia dresses have earned a name worldwide as an extremely well-designed, well-put-together line of sexy dresses. Fortunately, you don’t have to be in Australia to get access to them, even though they are somewhat off the beaten path of department store fashion. You’ll find Xenia boutique’s dresses from UsTrendy and can order them from anywhere in the world.

So what makes Xenia dresses so popular? Here are a few of their strengths:

1. Brilliant use of colors. If there’s anything that has defined Xenia as a label it’s the flawless use of bright colors. When we say “bright” here we don’t mean garish—Xenia avoids a lot of primary colors and focuses on warm in-between shades. Their sea blues, periwinkles, burnt oranges and soft greens will pull you in as soon as you see them. Many designers seem to think that color has to be an all or nothing affair, but Xenia dresses frequently offset the overall color with small details in white or contrasting shades. The result is a look that is at once flashy and alluring yet simple.

2. Tasteful, artistic use of elements like lace and ruffles. How many times have you seen lace or ruffles horribly overdone? Xenia has a habit of using a little to go a long way, working in a ruffle at just the right point in your silhouette to accentuate your body shape. It’s an example other designers should follow.

3. Sexy but understated. If you look over the entire Xenia line of dresses you’ll see plenty of short skirts and suggestive necklines. Yet somehow, everything they produce comes across as tasteful and sophisticated. This is the hardest feat in fashion and one that Xenia boutique has mastered.

What are your favorite pieces from Xenia?

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How to Rock a Gold Sequin Dress for Any Occasion

Gold sequin dresses are iconic. If you went back through the history of Hollywood, you’d be hard pressed to find a starlet who hasn’t graced the stage—or the red carpet—at least once dripping in gold. These dresses catch the imagination not only for their history, however, but also because of the sheer visual power of a woman who is glittering with golden sequins. That means every woman would love to go out in a gold sequin dress of their own, but it can be hard to choose the right one or to know where to wear it.

While we all like the occasional daring look, many women hesitate when it comes to gold sequin dresses. It’s easy to worry that it will appear over-the-top, or out of place when you wear it. While we all want to be a starlet, we also balk at imagining that we are one already and that can make it intimidating to don the golden gown. The endless examples of sequin dresses gone wrong, like in misshapen prom dresses or overly revealing club dresses, can make putting on a gold sequin dress even harder.

Luckily, any woman can rock gold sequins if with just a little basic guidance. One tip that’s imperative to remember is that there are many, many styles of gold sequin dresses to choose from. You don’t have to go slinky formal gown to glitter in gold these days. In fact, imagine any style of dress you like—chances are good that it’s available in gold sequins. Here are a couple of key styles and how to use them both:
A stunning formal dress. Gowns look good with sequins, in part because they are meant to be seductive without being overly suggestive. A relatively long-cut dress, without a dipping neckline, can look incredibly daring and sexy when it’s covered in gold.

An unforgettable cocktail dress. Most of us have cocktail dresses in black or, if we want to make a splash, red. But gold sequins provide a beautiful middle ground. Less aggressive than red but far more radiant than black or other neutral colors, a gold sequin cocktail dress can be gripping without getting too loud.
With accents. Could you ever wear a gold sequin dress to work? If you’re picturing a full Vanna White gown, then probably not. But there are many dresses that combine gold sequins with accents of other colors, especially black or white, which tones them down significantly and makes them acceptable at a business event. Again, the gold is a way to catch eyes without seeming over the top.

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Tips for Dressing Fast for a Night Out

image of girls out on the town

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Sometimes after a long day at work, we can all use a night out. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out for a few drinks and dinner, or if you’re going to a club to dance the night away. You always want to look your best, but sometimes you may not have a lot of time to plan your outfit. When you have a closet full of clothing and only a few minutes to go through it, picking out the right outfit can be a little overwhelming. Don’t fret! These tips will give you an easy way to narrow things down.

Wear good shoes

Maybe you’re going out with a few friends, or maybe you’re going out on a date. No matter what, it’s safe to assume that your goal isn’t to end the night in pain. You may have that perfect new pair of shoes that you’ve been dying to wear, but if you aren’t sure how they’ll feel after a few minutes of standing in them, it might be safer to opt for something tried and true. Looking stylish is important, but not if you’re doing it at the expense your comfort. Blisters and sore feet aren’t worth it!

Check the dress code

There’s no bigger waste of time (or bigger embarrassment) than arriving at a club and restaurant and not being able to get in because you don’t meet the dress code. Learning about the dress code before you get ready to head out can save you a lot of headaches, and even more time. A quick look online or a short phone call can help you avoid a fashion disaster and a lot of disappointment. If you don’t have time to look, make an educated guess on what you think you can wear and then try to play it safe.

Don’t wear something too “delicate”

You know that beautiful new dress that you’ve been dying to wear? There’s nothing wrong with pulling it out for the right occasion, but you might want to hold off if there’s a high risk or damaging or ruining it. For instance, white party dresses look very cute, but they may not be ideal for sweaty clubs or wine tastings. Silk fabrics can look elegant when they’re worn to best advantage, but they aren’t known for breathing very well. You won’t want to wear something that could get easily ruined on a fun night out, so try to save some of your more delicate outfits for other occasions.

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4 Shoe Trends to Try this Fall

What are you favorite fashions to wear during the fall? Are you excited to be able to pair your favorite summer outfits with leggings and scarves, or can you not wait to wear knit sweaters and sweater dresses? Everyone has their own favorite things to wear during the fall, but there’s something that everyone needs in order to complete their autumn look: shoes. Unique shoes can help put a personal touch on every outfit you wear, and can really bring a look together. Curious about what shoes people are wearing this fall? Try out some of this footwear with your favorite clothing in the next few months.

Cute boots
Unique shoes

Is there anything better than slipping on a pair of boots and heading off to work? The only thing that can top it is being able to wear the same boots when you go out for dinner and drinks at the end of the day. Fall is officially the start of boot season, and you need to get your look in order. A nice suede boot can go with almost any outfit that you have, but they may not be able to hold up against some of the late fall weather. Pick out a pair of leather boots for when it starts to get really cold, and they’ll blend in seamlessly with your winter wardrobe.

Block heels

Do you feel like you have to play a balancing act every time you put on a pair of skinny heels? If so, you’ll be happy to know that block and chunky heels are back in style this fall. It seems like ’90s fashions are making a comeback this season, and classic big heels are a big part of that! Get your Clueless on with a pair of block heels and tall socks or, for a more My So-Called Life look, opt for a pair of chunky combat boots and a plaid skirt.

Image of dress, sneakers, and necklace

This summer, people couldn’t get enough of the sneakers and dress look, and it doesn’t seem like the trend is going anywhere this fall. Sneakers are comfortable, stylish, and can be paired with almost any outfit. You may not be able to get away with wearing a pair of sneakers to the office, but you can easily wear them out on almost any occasion.

Strappy boots

The summer season may be over, but its shoes are finding their way into fall fashion. You’ve heard of strappy sandals and heels before, but have you heard about strappy boots? Some boots have a simple strap adorning the top or the bottom, and others have buckles and straps everywhere. Either way, the look is in this fall, and your boots should reflect the trend.

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