How to Show the Right Amount of Skin

Is there anybody alive that doesn’t enjoy feeling attractive? Far too many people assume that women dress for men, but the vast majority choose their clothes to feel beautiful and confident in themselves. However, a lot of people have trouble toeing the line between looking sexy and trashy, and thanks to a lot of mixed messages, that line gets more and more difficult to see. People want to look desirable, but they don’t want to look trashy or unfashionable. If you want to find the perfect balance, remember this the next time you plan your outfits:

A little goes a long way cleavage-wise

Twisted Gold Knot necklace

A lot of women like to show a little cleavage, but are worried about revealing too much. The beauty of showing off your chest is that you really don’t have to do much to get your desired look. Try sexy party dresses that gently graze the top of your chest, or something with a low “v” neck. If you want to draw attention to your chest without showing a lot of skin, top off your outfit with a statement-making necklace or simple chain.

Showing off your legs doesn’t mean that you have to wear a skirt

Gray shorts with pockets

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a skirt or a short dress to show off your legs, but you shouldn’t think that it’s your only option. Shorts have been slowly becoming more popular, and now you can even get away with wearing a dressy pair to work if you combine them with tights or leggings (depending on your job, of course). You should also consider getting some high-waisted skinny jeans that will hug your curves – the higher cut will also help highlight the length of your legs.

Sheer clothes can give you the right amount of sexy without showing a ton of skin

Black and White detailed lace dress

Do you want to feel sexier without revealing practically all of your assets? Sheer clothing is the way to go! The key to wearing sheer clothing stylishly is to make sure that it’s paired with a non-sheer layering piece. If you have a sheer top, make sure that you have a bandeau underneath it. If you’re wearing a sheer slip-like dress, make sure you pair it with some leggings or tights.

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3 Rules for Your First Club Experience

Image of people at nightclub

Image courtesy of photostock at

Maybe you aren’t really “a club person,” but your friends have convinced you to join them at the hippest new club in the city. Or maybe you’re finally 21, and you’re ready to go out and be the life of the party. Either way, you’re going to be going to a club for the first time, and you want to make sure that you’re ready. Going out with your friends will always be a fun time, but if you’re new to the club scene you may feel a little intimidated when the night gets closer. Don’t fret! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about having a good (and safe) night out with your friends.

Check the dress code

There’s no bigger waste of time (or bigger embarrassment) than arriving at a club, and then not being let in because you don’t meet the dress code. Do yourself a favor and find out what the standards are before you get ready to head out. Some places may expect ladies to show up in sexy nightclub dresses, and others may not have any restrictions. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you’re dressed for the occasion. A quick look online or a short phone call can help you avoid a fashion disaster.

Wear good shoesImage of nightclub heels

We know that you may have the perfect pair of heels that you’ve been dying to wear, but if you can’t stand in them for more than ten minutes you shouldn’t wear them to a club. If you’re going to a new hot spot you’re going to be doing a lot of standing in line for drinks, dancing, and generally anything but sitting. Looking stylish is important, but not at the expense of your comfort. Wear something you’ll be happy with at the end of the night – blisters and sore feet aren’t worth it!

Look out for each other

Ideally, everyone would stay together throughout the night, but as you start to go for bathroom and drink runs and meet people on the dance floor, you’re bound to split up at some point. You don’t have to constantly keep tabs on your friends, but you should have a general awareness of where everyone is over the course of the evening. If one of your friends seems too drunk, don’t be afraid to pry them away from their dance partner and get them a cab. Always be sure to watch your drinks, and don’t be afraid to turn someone down if they make you uncomfortable.

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Your Mini Style Guide for Special Occasions

How much time do you spend putting together an outfit before you go out? Some people are able to just reach into their closet and pull out the first thing that catches their eye, but most people need some planning time before they step out. Picking an outfit can be fun, but it can also be stressful when you’re wondering if you’re wearing the right thing.

Is there anything worse than going somewhere and realizing that you’re either underdressed or overdressed? Talk about an embarrassing situation! Unfortunately, most invitations and events don’t come with detailed dress code instructions. Don’t spend hours in your closet and dresser the next time you have to dress for an occasion. Use this guide to ensure that you’re dressed for success wherever you go.

Backyard Barbecue

Barbecues are just a part of life during the late spring, summer, and early fall, but dressing for them can be a little tricky. You want to look nice, but you don’t want to look like you spent a lot of time to go to someone’s backyard. Any barbecue outfit should have an “I just threw this on” feel – so it should be comfortable, but you’ll want it to be stylish too. Leave your sexy party dresses in the closet for this affair, and bring out your most comfy maxi or sun dress. A pair of shorts and a cute top will also work, especially if they’re worn with a nice pair of flats or strappy sandals. For early fall affairs where it’s starting to get a little chilly, you can throw a cardigan over that maxi dress, wear tall boots with a shorter skirt, or go for a slouchy sweater, skinny jeans and flats.

Image of fall barbecue outfit.

First date

This is a situation where you want to dress nicely, but you don’t want to overdress in case you end up going somewhere casual. Leave your highest pair of heels at home, and wear something comfortable that you’ll be able to walk around in. Also, try to avoid showing too much skin. You don’t want to give the wrong first impression, or create an awkward situation where your date’s eyes are clearly not on your face. Instead, choose something sweet and pretty that accentuates your femininity without the showiness. Throw on some subtle, natural-looking makeup and don’t forget to accessorize!


Weddings are the one place where you want to be sure to avoid a fashion faux pas, so follow a few tips when you’re picking out your dress. Generally avoid white in any shade (even a color block dress that’s white on top could make you look like you’re trying to steal the show in photos). Since the bride will be wearing white and you want her to have the spotlight, it only makes sense to steer clear of something that will draw comparison. Of course, a little white in your outfit isn’t bad, but it should be mixed in and lack prominence. Also, make sure that your dress is relatively demure. After all, it doesn’t do to try and flaunt your figure on a day when someone else is meant to shine – it will be seen as in poor taste and as an obvious grab for attention.

Image of sexy party dress

This dress, for instance, strikes just the right balance between figure-hugging and respectful.

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4 Tips for Dressing for any Wedding

Though the end of the summer is fast approaching, it’s still prime time for weddings. Indeed, many people don’t like the idea of getting married in 95° weather that causes their makeup to run and their groom to have visible sweat marks in photos. So the slightly cooler weather during the end of summer and early fall can actually be ideal and you may have several weddings to attend.

When you’re checking different registries and trying to get shower dates straight, it can be easy to get caught up in a wedding frenzy when you aren’t the one that’s actually getting married. Nobody wants to have the dishonor of being “that wedding guest,” whether that means being the one that caused a nuisance at the reception or the one who committed a serious fashion faux pas. If you follow these tips when your friends and loved ones say “I do” this season, you can just relax and enjoy the event.

wedding ceremony

Play it safe and avoid white

It’s 2014, and a lot of the conventions about what not to wear to weddings are fading away. Brides are opting for more color in their wedding gowns (or a different color altogether – think of Jessica Biel!), and people are wearing white to weddings . . . sometimes. The thing about weddings is that they can be as traditional or untraditional as the bride, groom, and their families want them to be. So base any clothing decisions you make on your knowledge of the family. If you know them very well and are absolutely sure they won’t mind, a cocktail dress with some white in it may not be a bad idea; if they are traditional or you are unsure, play it safe and avoid white.

Read the invitation for clues

Is there anything worse to showing up to a formal wedding in a semi-formal dress? There is, and it’s neglecting to read the fine print on a wedding invite and showing up in whatever you have lying around. Carefully read every invitation you get and look for keywords that indicate the appropriate attire for the wedding. When in doubt, contact the bride, groom, or family and ask. A black tie wedding will call for your most formal dresses, and will allow you to rock your favorite evening gown. A semi-formal wedding will allow you to wear that somewhat fancy cocktail dress that you just bought for a classy event.

Avoid black (at an afternoon wedding)

You may have a perfect little black dress you’ve been waiting to wear but, if you’re going to a morning or afternoon wedding, you should avoid it. Black dresses really look most appropriate in the dim hues of evening or candlelight, and they are infinitely more appropriate to the setting. In the sun, go for something light, bright, and cheery.

As for the old faux pas about not wearing black to a wedding at all (even in the evening), most people really don’t see it as inappropriate anymore. Just do yourself a favor and make sure it doesn’t look at all funerary – after all, you’re here to celebrate! Make your accessories bright and colorful: for instance, use a standout jeweled or feathered hair pin, a sequined purple clutch or a glittering blue bracelet.

Stay out of the photographer’s way

This one isn’t so much about how to dress as how to show it off – or not. We understand that you put a lot of thought into your wedding outfit, but unless you’re part of the family or part of the wedding party, try to avoid getting into their pictures unless asked. Today, photo bombing can seem like a funny joke but, in a few years, the happily married couple will just wonder why you tried your hardest to get in every picture they have. Also, if you happen to be the date of someone in the wedding party, don’t assume that you’re automatically welcome to be in any picture they’re in.

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Dress for Fashion and Success at Work

Do you ever feel like your day-to-day attire seems to stay the same? Once you settle into your routine at work, it can seem like you clothes settle with it. If you have eclectic and loud fashion, dressing for work can seem stifling and boring. You have your few button-down shirts, your nice pair of pants, and your typical suit coat and business skirt. It’s important to look professional at work, but professional doesn’t automatically have to mean boring. You can look like you’re ready for a day at the office without having to cycle through the same few outfits every week. If you want to add some excitement to your day-to-day attire, follow these tips.

Ban certain clothing

If the main reason that you’re worried about your work wardrobe is because you don’t want to look inappropriate, you just have to make sure that avoid wearing certain things. To avoid an awkward situation, ban these items from your work attire:

  • tube tops
  • sheer clothing
  • short skirts
  • shirts that ride up
  • shorts

Some people may try to cover up a low cut top with a sweater or a tube top with a button down, but that won’t be able to work forever. It’s easier to avoid some “problem” items in your wardrobe altogether.

Find unique versions of your current clothes

Image of vintage blouse

Some people have trouble adding some spice to their work wardrobes because they think they’ll need a completely new wardrobe. Sometimes, you only need to change up a few things to make your outfits more exciting. If you’re tired of plain, old button downs, look for unique button down shirts with a lace collars, ruffles, or prints. If you want to put a spin on your usual business suit, find some quality vintage clothing stores and look for retro versions of suits.

Add some color

Image of vintage skirt
The easiest way to improve your work wardrobe is add a little more color to it. A lot of typical work clothing comes in shades of navy, beige, gray, and black, so it can be easy to stick to a rather bland color palette. You can add some of your favorite bright colors to your work attire as long as you balance them out with more traditional hues. Slip on a hot pink scarf when you wear your favorite business suit, or wear a bright colored shirt underneath your usual black jacket.

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