UsTrendy Trendsetter of the Week: Holly Nichols

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Boston based Fashion Illustrator, Holly Nichols lets her imagination run wild and cooks up the type of drawings bloggers only dream about. Among her subjects are versions of stylish products like Tory Burch perfume, decorative preppy florals and satin lip smooch stains, and power dolls dressed to kill in haute couture gowns. Holly’s vibrant representation of textures on the model’s dresses even matches the depth of their rich hairstyles. The magic behind Holly’s touch is that she takes child-like images and develops them into sophisticated art that awakens every women’s dollhouse fantasies. Holly’s creative work is a unique way of inspiring trends in a fashion blog-obsessed world, and it’s the type of work that earned her a spot on our Boston 50 Most Fashionable list! Read more about her below!

-What has been the highlight of your creative career so far?

I feel as if I’m presented with new opportunities every day, but the highlight was being invited to NYFW to sketch with TRESemmé

-Do you have any advice for aspiring artists and illustrators such as yourself?

Do what feels natural. Create the art you enjoy making the most. Others will become attracted to your sincerity. Sketch something every day and sketch something that feels like a challenge subject every day!

-How would you describe your personal style? Does it influence your work? 

My personal style is very different from the girls I draw. It’s hard to concentrate on my work when I’m uncomfortable, and I work alone in my studio, so most days I’m in an oversized sweater and leggings! Though most of the girls I sketch wear outfits I could only dream about, I do have a group of girls that are in comfortable everyday clothes. 

-What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

Before I did this I wanted to be a baker and I loved making elaborate cupcakes!

-Any cool beauty or fashion advice you’ve recently received?

-The best piece of fashion advice i’ve received was to invest in a few well-made staple items, even if it means spending a bit more than you normally would. 

-Do you have a muse? Any cool social media personalities you admire/follow?

I get a lot of my inspiration from the runway, but I’ve been following fellow Boston babe Pam Hetlinger and I love her effortless style!

-If you could collaborate with any designer/boutique on UsTrendy, who would it be? 

I think “Little Lace” is lovely! Love cozy sweaters like this

-What are some of your fav places to chill/party/eat in Boston?

 My friends and I love The Liberty Hotel and their Fashionably Late events on Thursdays! I recommend making reservations at “Catwalk“, and catching one of the fashion shows!

♥Check out some of Holly’s work below and on her site!

♥Follow her on Instagram!

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UsTrendy Trendsetters of the Week: Frannie Acciardo


Blogger Frannie Acciardo is an all-American babe. She is fortunate enough to call Wisconsin and Rhode Island home, two very diverse regions, and loves to explore even more places within the U.S. You can find her lifestyle posts on her website, The Blonde Prep, along with yummy cuisine recipes and her fresh take on classic-cute winter outfits-a necessity that is hard to capture in mid-western climate. Find out more about Frannie below!

-What is one thing that people would be surprised to hear?

I think a lot of people would be surprised to hear that my dad lives in Rhode Island. My parents got divorced my sophomore year of high school, so my dad moved out east. As much as I miss not seeing him all the time, it is so fun having sort of a “second” home on the east coast! I visit all the time and it really is a unique and cool part of my life… I love to travel and it’s the perfect excuse to do it a little more often.

-Where do you find your muses/inspiration?

I find a ton of my inspiration (surprise, surprise!) from Pinterest and other bloggers. I don’t ever try to copy someone’s style, but I love discovering looks I love and trying to make them work with pieces accessible to me or in my closet. I make my own variations of looks I find on other blogs or through the pins I’ve saved and I try to make them translate into my style.

-If you could collaborate with any designer/boutique on UsTrendy, who would it be?

 Sabo Skirt has some really cute pieces! I would love to style some of them!

-Any cool hobbies we should hear about?

Blogging, obviously, is probably my biggest hobby that takes up a huge chunk of my time. I also work out a lot and I’m on an indoor soccer team with all of my friends which is a total joke, but that is a really fun thing to do every weekend.

-What type of music are you listening to these days?

My taste in music is pretty unpredictable! My favorite bands include Alabama Shakes and Mumford and Sons, but I’m also a huge fan of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, #noshame! I would almost always choose alternative music over pop, and for example, when I’m just driving around in my car, I have my favorite radio stations that I always listen to instead of plugging my phone into the Aux cord. I like expanding my music repertoire and listening to music that just makes me feel good and works with my vibes!

– Coolest beauty/fashion advice you’ve been given recently?

I’m not a huge person to try out beauty tips or trends, but I just read a few articles about oil pulling and I really want to try it.

-What your hopes/future plans for your blog/social media influence/work?

I love having opportunities like this one to get to engage with people and expand my online presence. I hope to move my blog to my own domaine in the near future, and I have been considering a rebrand for a little while now, which is an exciting idea!

-What trend do you hope stays around forever or makes a comeback?

I am such a big fan of high-waisted anything. Give me all the high waisted shorts, jeans, skirts… I am so into it.

-Who is your favorite social media personality?

Oh, this is so tough. I love bloggers who make me laugh, whose style I genuinely admire, and whose lives that I secretly kind of envy! I would have to say Jess Sturdy from Bows and Sequins probably fits the bill best!

-How would you describe your own personal style?

My personal style could probably be described best as laid-back, but classic. I’m definitely that girl who will wear sweaters and leggings 24/7, but it’ll be more like a vintage Ralph Lauren hoodie with oversized pearls paired with bean boots and scarves. I love classic pieces, but I also love to accessorize and just wear anything that makes me feel good! That is definitely my biggest thing.

♥View Frannie’s Blog

♥View Frannie’s Instagram

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UsTrendy Boston’s 50 Most Fashionable List 2016


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UsTrendy Trendsetters of the Week: Caroline Yauck


Fashion blog, Citrus and Style is just as colorful and preppy as Caroline Yauck, the darling creative behind the website. She is the type of girl who loves her stripes and pops of neon as much as she loves her pineapple emojis. Her bubbly personality shines through her words as well as her outfits; proudly explaining she focuses on having a positive mindset and living a healthy lifestyle in our interview with her. Read more about this adorable trendsetter below!

-What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

I’m really ready to transition into spring (living in the chilly Midwest will do that to you) so everything resort-esque is on my mind lately. Bright colors, flowy dresses and fun sunglasses are especially inspiring me because I’ll be headed to California soon for spring break. I can’t wait to finally be in some sunshine!

-What trend do you hope stays around forever or makes a comeback?

There are so many trends I’m loving right now, but my favorite has to be scallops. The fun detail adds such a cute element to more simple pieces and it’s perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months!

-How would you describe your own personal style?

As I am graduating high school and going to college soon, I have noticed that my style seems to be changing a bit, evolving from bright and preppy to more classic pieces. I still love vibrant colors, but I have been wearing a lot of navy and neutrals as well. My wardrobe consists of simple, timeless items like button downs, oversized sweaters and skinny jeans. I used to be more hesitant to try out trends, but as of late I’ve been really into incorporating new elements into my own style!

-What inspired you to start your blog and social media accounts?

I started citrus & style when I was a freshman in high school because I craved an outlet to share the things that I inspired me. Since I attend a private high school that requires me to wear a uniform, people would often ask me how I styled it in a way that suited my personality so much. Someone suggested I start a blog and I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. Now, I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years and can’t imagine my life without it and the amazing people I’ve met!

-If you could collaborate with any designer/boutique on UsTrendy, who would it be? 

I would hands down choose Zenia boutique. They have such darling dresses with fun details and bright colors. The bow back trend they have a lot of is so in right now and I can’t get enough of it!

-What is one thing that people would be surprised to hear?

I always talk about the importance of eating nutritiously on my blog, but what some people might be surprised to hear is that I genuinely enjoy eating healthy! When I’m drinking lots of water and consuming a lot of fruits and veggies, I genuinely feel so much better and a lot more energized. One of my best friends likes to bring up a story of a time we were in New York City and she needed chocolate while I instead craved an orange :)

-Where do you find your muses/inspiration?

Whenever I am in need of inspiration, I always peruse Pinterest for a few minutes to gather ideas. I am constantly motivated after scrolling through pretty pins and am instantly inspired to write a new blog post or style an outfit. The photography in my feed is always so bright and positive, giving me a plethora of new ideas. Feel free to follow me here!

-Who is your favorite blogger?

I read so many blogs daily, but my all time favorite has to be Mackenzie Horan from Design Darling. I’ve been following her for so many years now and I swear her blog keeps getting better and brighter every day! Her online boutique is the ultimate destination for preppy gifts for friends or your own home that I totally recommend checking out. She also just got engaged so I’m excited to see all of her upcoming wedding plans!

♥View Caroline’s Blog

♥View Caroline’s Pinterest

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UsTrendy Trendsetters of the Week: Lindsey Norse

♥The other half of our two part series on Cupid’s Undie Run!

fenway favoriteEveryone knows the infamous giving-a-speech-only-to-find-out-you’re-pant-less nightmare, but our trendsetter Lindsey Norse sure knows how to spin that into a positive thing! She is the Boston-based race director of Cupid’s Undie Run, a national organization that hosts an annual run-in-your-underpants soiree to benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Yup! We know what you’re thinking-someone with that job title needs to have some serious leadership and persuasion skills, and that is exactly what Lindsey has! She participates in the runs and encourages other runners, all while working tirelessly to raise awareness and gain funds for this wonderful charity.  The best part about Lindsey is that she is truly motivated, the type of strong female that won’t stop till she has reached her goals. Get to know more about this #BOSS and Cupid’s Undie Run with our interview below!

-What inspired/motivated you to become involved with Cupids Undie Run?

I met a few of the founders in the first year in DC 6 years ago, during their very first run!  They wanted to lead our run club in their undies…so, we obviously said YES, absolutely, because that’s just fun.  When I moved to Boston and looked for an organization to volunteer with, CUR was the first one I thought of, so I sent an email and the rest is history!

-What do you want people to know about this organization? 

CUR is not for “fit” people.  You don’t have to be a runner.  You don’t have to wear undies or something scandalous and we actually welcome those dad bods to don whatever you want.  It is not timed, and we encourage you NOT to sprint down Lansdowne street.  You just have to have a soul.  You have to want to do something kind, for someone else.  The money we fundraise goes to the Children’s Tumor Foundation, and will get us sooner to finding treatment options and a cure for Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that affects FAR too many people.  The giant party we throw at Fenway Park and House of Blues is just a bonus to the fact that we’re funding really amazing work.  

-What is one thing people would be surprised to hear about you/one thing most people don’t know? 

I’m actually an introvert and don’t prefer big crowds.  I only speak in public when I have to.  Let me tell you, there is NOTHING more public than rallying 1000 people through a megaphone in your UNDERWEAR.  I already have anxiety about it and we’re still 3 weeks out from race day.  With that being said, we haven’t cured NF yet, so you have my commitment to be proud and pants-less in public until then.  

-Are there any social media personalities you follow and admire?

Ready for a fun fact?  I hate social media.  However, if you’re an entrepreneur and pulling together a community, it’s necessary.  (When CUR is over, I will go off the grid until next fall.)  I do love blogs and, though.  Elizabeth Gilbert’s blog and Tony Robbin’s Ted talks are among my favorites of both.

-What is the one thing you could go back and tell your teenage self? 

Lindsey, love yourself.  I spent a lot of years trying to live up to others standards.  I try to handle myself with more grace now than I ever have.

-Any trends you’re really digging at the moment? (fashion/food/travel etc)

I’m not sure anyone in the whole world would describe me as trendy, haha.  My style is usually really simple, and being a Manager in the fitness industry, I wear a whole lot of lululemon.  I will say this; I am a complete sucker for quality brands/stores that have good customer service.  I will pay more if the item lasts longer and if I enjoy talking to the person who sold it to me.  Fave department store: Nordstrom’s.  They have a coffee bar and make BOMB espresso.  Need I say more…

-What are your hopes/plans for the organization and/or your involvement with Cupids Undie Run?

Favorite question yet; I want Valentines day weekend to be a block party in Fenway that thousands of people are a part of. I keep telling my National Directors that Boston will be the first city to $1 million dollars….and we’re off to a great start with a solid growth year over year in both dollars raised so far, and number of runners to date.  Not a matter of “if”…but “when.”

♥To find out more or register, visit Cupid’s Undie Run

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