UsTrendy’s Trendsetter Takeover: ChiChi; The Bath City Guide

ChiChi, one of favorite past times, returns in a takeover feature on our blog! Her trendy advice ranges from fashion to travel. Her classic, effortless, boho style carries with her wherever she goes. She’s well versed in her worldly adventures. She inspires us with her stories and creativity in her blog pieces. Moreover, she knows all the hot spots and shares her tips with us in her “Bath City Guide” below!


Bath is easily one of the top contenders for UKs most beautiful small city, i had heard and i couldn’t agree more. Me and a dear friend had a free day in the week and were thinking what we could do and Bath came up, both of us surprisingly hadn’t visited and it seemed like the perfect city for a day trip, around an hour on train from London. The Georgian honey stoned streets amidst the Somerset greens make it a vision and it ticks all the boxes for a getaway. Be it history, architecture, shopping, food, museums and above all the hot spring spas, it has it all, i will definitely suggest a day trip and two days if u love spas and want to treat yourself.


Bath is a UNESCO world heritage city and the only place with hot water spring in the UK. It boasts of the world famous Roman bath, Uk’s grandest Georgian architecture and being an inspiration to the likes of world famous writers Jane Austen and Charles Dickens.


Best time to visit

Anytime can be good because there are so many museums but particularly great is June till October end as you are not restricted to staying indoors and can enjoy the parks, the skyline walk and the river Avon. However the Bath christmas market is quite famous and can be a good visit from late November till mid December.


How to get there

There are frequent trains from London almost every hour from Waterloo and Paddington stations, and the duration of the journey could be between 1-2.30 hours depending on whether its a high speed train. Ou train was from Waterloo at 9.20 am and we almost missed it. We had booked our tickets online but dint print  and on reaching the station we found a huge line so lesson learnt when u have to catch a train specially in the morning please print your ticket in advance you never know what you get stuck with. Also when traveling in the UK by train, make sure u r in the right coach of the train as sometimes some coaches are dropped on the the way, they do announce on the train which coach goes where but this is just to let you know.

It is also easily reached from Bristol under 30 mins by bus or train.


How to go around

Its really a very small little city which is best seen on foot. I also suggest the city sightseeing hop on hop off buses. Ok most people think it is a very touristy thing to do but trust me guys, if you are there for a day or two in Bath it is the best way to see the city. You can get a 24 hour pass that is valid on the city tour as well as the skyline tour for £14.5. The service starts almost every 15 mins and a full loop takes about an hour. You can of course get down at any stop to see anything in particular at leisure and then hop on to the next one. We did both the city as well as the skyline tour and the commentary i have to say was very entertaining full of anecdotes and small tales of the city. Operating hours are from 10 to 6.30.



Where to go

We were able to reach the city centre in around 5 mins from the train station on foot and The Roman Bath and the Bath Abbey are right there. So you can do those and then hop on the city sightseeing bus from the bus stop a stone throw from the Abbey door and then see the other sights hopping on and off.


bath1 bath2 bathhh bathhhh


The Roman Bath

The Romans came to Bath for its natural hot water spring when they invaded England. Over centuries the original structure collapsed but you can visit the ruins of the original bath houses and see the Roman construction and engineering which is truly to marvel at. You also have the privilege of listening to great audio commentary and a tour guide at regular intervals included in the price of the entry ticket.


The Bath Abbey

It is really grand and if you have time u can climb up around 200 steps for a panoramic view of the city from the tower of Bath Abbey or just sit on the benches outside and soak into the architecture.


bath4 bath5 bath6 bath7



The Pulteney Bridge

I was super excited to set foot on this one after having visited  the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, two of  the four bridges in the world with shops on both sides. And i must say the Pulteney Bridge is very very charming. I don’t think it is possible to compare with Ponte Vecchio because both have their own character but the Pulteney bridge on the river Avon is more calm and definitely more romantic.


The Royal Crescent

Built between 1767 and 1774 is a row of 30 townhouses unique in its shape and design, a crescent. It today houses the royal crescent museum and has been home to many notable people and is a popular filming spot for obvious reasons. it overlooks the Royal Victoria park.

bath9 bath10


The Jane Austen Centre

Jane Austen was Baths most famous resident and her home is now a museum. At the centre you find the Wax statue of Jane Austen, how she lived there and how the times and events in the city would have inspired her novels.


The Royal Victoria park

Overlooked by the royal crescent it has a golf course as well as a botanical garden. We visited on a sunny day and people were lazing around, playing, having picnics and if i had the time i would have chosen to just laze around here look at the royal crescent and just absorb in all the history.


The Walcot street

The informal artisan quarter of Bath, its very eclectic and bohemian a totally different character from the city with many antique shops. There is also a flea market on Saturdays worth a visit.


A hot spa

The Thermae Bath spa is just a block away from the original Roman Baths and is the only place in Britain to experience the hot water springs,  for info it is expensive but definitely worth a treat.


The Fashion Museum

For a fashion lover a must with over 30000 pieces of costume and accessories dating back to the 16th century.



bath11 bath12 bath13 bath14 bath15


Where to eat

From fine dining to economical you can find a good meal at any price point. There are many multi chains like Pizza express, Pret, Giraffe, Cafe Nero, Starbucks, etc  for a quick meal or fine dining options like Circus for modern British and The eastern eye for north indian food. Bath also boasts of many great tea rooms and a day will definitely be incomplete without visiting one. Top tea rooms are Sally Lunns and Pump room.

Both of us had no breakfast in the rush to catch our train so were hungry as hell when we reached. We straight headed to the centre and foundHands of Bath Georgian tea rooms just off the Bath Abbey. A quick look up on tripadvisor the ratings were good but nothing great but we were too hungry to wander around so we stepped in and into a room filled with old people mostly locals. They do good baguettes and traditional english dishes like Fish and chips and bangers and mash. We had the Scampi and it was fairly good.



Since we had gone just for the day we dint explore the shopping part but while passing through the city centre we saw all the major retailers as well as some small boutiques plus Walcot street so yes if shopping is on your mind u will find loads of it. Worth mentioning here, considering the timing of the post, is the award winning christmas market.


The Best view

It is debatable but a good panoramic view is possible from the Alexandra park, the Beckford’s tower, the camden crescent and the tower in bath abbey as i mentioned .

bath16 bath17 bath18 bath19 bath20


To sum it up Bath is a very beautiful city brimming with loads to do and definitely deserves to be on your list if planning a trip to the UK and if you are in the UK, your next getaway.


I am so happy that i have finally published my first travel guide post. Took me quite sometime to write but it was all worth it! Hope you liked it and is helpful, please share your thoughts also would love to know if you have visited Bath? or Are you planning a trip to Bath or UK? 


Thank you for stopping by! See you with my next one.





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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Christina Beauchamp


Christina Beauchamp loves creating outfits, as any true fashionista would! She gets lost in anything fashion – she could spend days researching the best mascara out there. She’s a dedicated blogger with trendy, credible advice! Her good vibes continue as she continues her pieces into “frills” the miscellaneous parts of life that will make you happy. Her blog is full of great nuances and should be added to your list of go-to’s! Find out more about her below!

What made you get into blogging?

Surprisingly enough, I did not get into blogging as a potential career path! However, I love writing and fashion, so I figured that this “pastime” would be right up my alley.  I’m so grateful that my “side hustle” has now become a full-time job. It’s so incredible that you can create a career of your own.


Have you always been passionate about fashion?

YES.  Putting together outfits has always been my most favorite thing to do, EVER.  Well, that and researching and testing out beauty products!  I’ve always wanted every outfit that I wear to make a statement.  People would often ask me where I purchase items and how I put different ensembles together, so I realized that I must have a knack for the very thing I love the most!


How would you describe your own personal style?

I like every outfit that I wear to make a statement – whether it be Kate Middleton classic or on-trend, street chic. Oftentimes my clothing spans the color wheel, with splashy outfit pairings and color combos, but I’m a firm believer that black & white can be just as bold. Nothing looks sharper. I like to mix designer items with more moderately priced pieces to create elevated looks that are still accessible.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs.  We have the sweetest English Cocker Spaniel named Rocky.  He’s the best ever.  However, I did grow up with cats!  And, funny fact… at the age of 5 I named my very first cat “Happy Pickle Raindrop”.  I couldn’t decide on one name so I went with all three. :)


Hobbies? Other passions?

I enjoy reformer Pilates and I’m kind of a beauty product junkie.  SO in my spare time I read up on beauty reviews (I could research the “next best mascara” for hours and hours upon end!)


A staple piece in your closet you wear way too much?

The midi skirt.  I have A TON of them.  I find the length insanely chic and flattering as well.  That’s a win-win in my book.  I tend to err on the side of fancy – so skirts are my jam.


What do you hope readers take away from your blog?

That fashion is meant to be fabulously fun!  I want to encourage ladies to make their closet their playground!  The options are endless.


Explain the ‘frills’ part of your blog? Where do you find your inspiration?

The “frills” are all of the other things that I enjoy in life and want to share with my readers!  For instance, beauty products (as mentioned above), low carb recipes, plus a dash of fitness here and there.  Although fashion is my focus, I want to be a place where women can glean nuggets of knowledge about all things that make them happy.

I would definitely say that beauty is the secondary focus of my blog – so that most likely encompasses most of the “frills” that I choose to write about.)  :)


Something your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

Hmmm… this is a toughie.

Perhaps my readers would be surprised to know that I’m utterly obsessed with rollercoasters!  The bigger the better.  Nothing really scares me when it comes to thrill rides.


Favorite quote?

“I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become like a mirror and they reflect that happiness.”

-Drew Barrymore

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Axelle Blanpain


Axelle Blanpain, a modest fashionista who remains feminine, classic &chic. She’s studied fashion in Paris – coming from the heart of it all, she knows what she’s talking about. We love her modesty and genuine persona. She shares her love for the arts as you can find her reading, practicing ballet, and traveling. She continues with this, finding her inspiration in museums, books, and movies.  She not only has an artsy side, but also is surprisingly an introvert! She still loves to share her passion with fellow fashionistas and aims to inspire those around her. Find out more below!

What made you get into blogging?

Well, I wanted to share my passion for fashion with like-minded people. I loved to show my latest purchases & outfits and creating a blog seemed like the perfect way to do so!

Did you go to school for fashion?

Actually, yes! I studied Fashion Design in Paris at l’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne before enrolling at Parson’s Paris for further education.

How would you describe your own personal style?

Feminine, classic & chic.

Dogs or cats?

Both! My husband and I live with our dog Fendi & our three cats Pika, Chu & Chalou!

Hobbies? Other passions?

I love reading, especially novels & memoirs but I also do ballet multiple times a week and I never say no to new travels!

A staple piece in your closet you where way too much?

My black H&M blazer. I found it randomly in their shop during London Fashion Week years ago and I still wear it multiple times a week!

What do you hope readers take away from your blog?

Inspiration for their daily life, no matter if they’re looking for new outfit ideas, help to style their hair of my favorite addresses around the world.

Explain the ‘frills’ part of your blog? Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere but especially online! When I am not browsing blogs or Pinterest, I’ll usually find inspiration in books, movies or art museums.

Something your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

I am actually an introvert, which most of my readers find hard to believe! While I share a lot online, I am a pretty private person in real life and I tend to be very shy when I meet new people.


Favorite quote?

‘We create our own reality’.


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UsTrendy’s Trendsetter Takeover: Nicole Franco; Travel Diaries; London


Nicole Franco, makes a return appearance as in a Trendsetter Takeover! We loved her style and advice so much – we couldn’t help but bring her back for more. This time, we were able to get a taste of a day in her life as a fashionista. She’s not only knows the trendiest places to go but also how to look great while doing it. She shares her greatest style tips for traveling below! Take a trip to London with her below!

I can’t think of a better way to end one year and bring in another than by spending it in one of my absolute favorite cities. Although getting to and from London was a bit of a nightmare, the trip was well worth it. I visited one of my best friends from high school who lives there so I skipped out on most of the typical tourist attractions and wandered around like a local. I think that is one of my absolute favorite things to do while traveling, wander and get lost around the streets and fall in love with each city I visit. My friends and I did however make it a point to take a day trip Eaton and Windsor Palace and of course hit up the post-holiday sales at all the stores (which were amazing btw).

One thing I’ve learned from traveling is that you have to learn to roll with the punches that come with it. My return flight from Heathrow was a complete disaster and extended my trip by another day, hence the room service carb overload. As much as I was upset and exhausted, at that point there really isn’t much I can do but just deal with the situation at hand. I’ve also learned that when in doubt, bring that extra coat if it fits in your suitcase. When I traveled to Copenhagen a few years ago I decided not to buy a coat to pack by Uniqlo that rolls up into the size of a size umbrella because I didn’t think it was going to snow. Well of course I was wrong and I ended up walking around Copenhagen like a freezing, wet, dog.

Styling tip: I’m usually that person who thinks they need like 5 extra “just in case” outfits on top of packing enough clothes for a trip but this time I made it a point to only pack what I knew I needed and what I would wear. Traveling is not the time to pack super trendy outfits or to try wearing those new shoes while walking around. For me, comfort is always the goal and the less you pack, the better (more room to bring back things you buy while shopping, obviously). Stick to basics that pair easily with everything, and I mean everything, else that you have packed. And always pack at least 2 pairs of comfortable shoes. Those 4 inch booties may look really chic with an outfit but your feet will for sure hate you after walking through Tube stations within few hours. And also buy/pack that extra coat, especially if it is small enough to fit in your carry on.


Processed with VSCO with 4 preset


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UsTrendy’s Trendsetter Takeover: Jenna Jordan, “Brunch With Mom”

Processed with VSCO with g2 preset

Jenna Jordan, one of fav trendsetters, makes a return appearance with one of her own pieces! Her fabulous advice never fails as her fun, uplifting vibes always leave us wanting more. One of the greatest things about her, “Trendy not Spendy” philosophy. We love her efforts in making fashionistas look great a low cost. She not only knows hot trends but also  the hot spots in New York City. On your next trip there, find the best eats with her piece below!

For the past two years we’ve celebrated Mother’s Day in New York City.  Just when I thought my mom wasn’t coming out this year she pulled a last minute trigger and is coming out for Mother’s Day. Now the most important question is…where are we going for brunch?

Up ahead I’m sharing my favorite Mother’s Day brunch spots. Spots we’ve already been to and places we want to go. Some of these places mainly lean towards the spendy side but come on guys splurge a little, it’s for mom afterall. Please keep in mind all these restaurants are based on cuteness. If you’re curious about the food just Yelp it 😉

First up The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. Dining with a view is all I can say. Enjoy brunch with mom and watch the gondolas pass in the distance. If you want something more casual head towards the outside bar in the front for a cool cocktail on the water.


Last year my sister picked the adorable restaurant Narcissa. Narcissa is located in the gorgeous Standard East Village. I’m obsessed with this patio. All the bright colors and hanging colored lanterns makes for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch.

trendynotspendy1 trendynotspendy2

Last year the restaurant dropped the ball on our ressie and we didn’t get to sit outside. Still bummed about that one. The inside was just okay for me as you can see in the picture below. Painting a wall in rainbow colors still doesn’t make me want to sit inside.


Another thing to note about Narcissa’s patio is during Christmas time they turn it into a tree lot. It is hands down the cutesiest thing I’ve ever seen. Ton of trees, bistro lights, candles, heaters, and most important thing of all a outdoor bar! Spiked cider and mulled wine in a winter wonderland. So cute! Take note of this for the next winter.

Don’t be late for this very important date at Alice Tea Cup Chapter 11 in the Upper East Side. The neighborhood is darling and the restaurant has so much charm. It was fully decorated like the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland. Obviously, if you’re going to visit Alice’s Tea Cup you’re going to need to order the Mad Hatter Tea Party. The party is meant for 2 people but, it can really feed 3.

trendynot trendynott

Now onto places I’ve wanted to try that are perfect for mom. Laduree in Soho is great for macaroon lover. I think that’s why I haven’t been yet. I’m not a huge fan of macaroons. But, take mom if she loves them and sit outside on their black and white patio. It’s in the back of the building which makes it a nice little escape from the rest of the city pace.


Not into macaroons? No worries, they have a full menu as well with tea party style options and most importantly cocktails.


If you’ve seen the movie The Other Women staring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton they met for lunch in the final scene of the movie at this fabulous restaurant with crystal chandeliers. Well that place is the Nomo Kitchen inside the Nomo Soho Hotel. Palm leaves, glass ceilings, and crystal chandeliers makes for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch. I mean…how amazing is this place?


This year we’re taking our mom to La Pecora Bianca in Nomad. Yet another place I’ve picked based on cuteness. I walk by this restaurant almost daily and obsess over the seafoam green furniture. Luckily, the menu looks delicious as well so I can’t wait! I’m going to need to sneak in there soon before patrons arrive to take so cute pics.


Well guys that’s a wrap. I hope I left you with some great options for this Mother’s Day. There is still time to make reservations so get on it. Off to Central park this weekend so stayed tuned to see what I wore and packed for the picnic. Have a great Friday loves!

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