Attending a Wedding This Year? Tips to Choose the Perfect Dress

It’s no wonder that May through October are the most popular wedding months. The days are longer and the weather is nicer so you can opt for a picturesque outdoor wedding. If you’ll be attending a wedding this year, then now is the time to start shopping for your killer dress for the event. Even if the wedding isn’t until October, it’s never too early to start searching for the perfect dress. To help you pick the perfect dress, we’ve provided some tips to help you.

When is the wedding?

The season in which the wedding takes place factors into which colors you should wear. For example, spring and summer are associated with lighter and brighter colors whereas in the fall you want to aim for darker colors. If the wedding is in the spring or summer, aim for pink, orange, yellow and light blue and green. If it’s in the fall, dark purple, red and brown are ideal.

Also, the season will impact whether you should aim for a short or long dress, and if you should wear a dress with or without straps.

Where is the wedding?

Think about where the wedding will be held. Will it be indoors or outdoors?

If it will be outdoors, you want to avoid a dress that may get caught in the wind. Also, if it’s at the beach or a sandy area, then you want to avoid high heels since your shoes will get caught in the sand. If it’s a hot location, then you’ll want a breezy dress to keep you cool.

If the event will be indoors, then you have some more leeway. You can wear something dressier and any type of shoes that complement your dress.

Is the wedding in the daytime or evening?

The time of day when a wedding is held can affect the formality of the attire. If it’s a daytime wedding, a floral sun dress or skirt is suitable. If it’s an evening wedding, a cocktail dress is perfect. It’s not too sexy and you can have fun dancing in it.

What’s the wedding theme?

Even though it’s just a theme, it can help you decide on just how formal you should go with the dress. For example, if you’re attending a country-themed wedding and the groomsmen are wearing jeans, then you don’t have to go too formal. But, if it’s a formal black tie event then a beautiful sequin dress is ideal.


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The Seven Dresses you should have in your Wardrobe

Needless to say, there is no single wardrobe that will work for every woman. We each have our own unique style, and that’s what makes fashion so interesting. If you’re a newbie, though, or starting from scratch on a wardrobe that you want to be versatile, there are seven main types of dresses that you want to have so that you’ll never, ever be without something to wear, no matter what type of event comes up. As long as you have a dress that fits the criteria of each of these, you can choose any color or style you like and you’ll be good to go.

Don’t forget to check out our SlideShare for inspiration!

Dress #1: The LBD.

Even if you know nothing about fashion, you’ve probably heard about the infamous LBD, or the Little Black Dress. This is exactly what it sounds like: a black dress! This is the dress that we recommend spending the most time looking for, because it should be that one dress that makes you feel like a bombshell. Shape and silhouette can be whatever you like, but it should be able to take you from a party to an evening wedding to a date night and everywhere in-between. As your go-to, make sure it fits you like a glove.

Dress #2: The Perfect Wrap.

Wrap dresses are regarded by fashion gurus everywhere to be universally flattering. Their low necklines, layering, and ruching mean they conceal any problem areas while drawing attention to your favorite assets. They’re great for work, meeting your significant other’s parents, or just going out with the girls for some mimosas. They work well with cardigans, blazers, flats, pumps, sandals, and pretty much anything else in your wardrobe.

Dress #3: The Breezy Sundress.

Sundresses are usually brightly-colored, but you can choose any color that suits you. They are always made of a lightweight material and don’t cling to the body, which makes them comfortable for hot summer weather. They’re easy to just throw on without any thought and still make you look put together, whether you’re going to an outdoor concert, walking around the city, or attending a barbecue.

Dress #4: The Sexy Club Dress

If you’re not the type to go out to the bar or club, this one is optional, but everyone likes to have something tight-fitting that makes them feel sexy, even if it only gets worn once in a while. Wear it to a bachelorette party or for going out dancing with the girls. It’s your “getting-done-up” dress!

Dress #5: The Essential Cocktail Dress.

It’s short, semi-formal, and totally clutch when you have a sudden sorority event or wedding to attend. Even if it’s the only formal-ish thing in your closet, you’ll be glad you don’t have to run to the mall every time you get an invite to a charity event or decide to go to the homecoming dance. Pick something that suits your personality perfectly so you’ll get a lot of use out of it!

Dress #6: The Easy Maxi

Maxi dresses are known as the “pajamas of fashion,” because they look great but are comfy enough to wear on a long car ride. Flying into LA? That maxi will keep you comfy on the plane ride but have you looking chic the moment you step off. Meeting mom and dad for brunch? It’s not-too-sexy but as stylish as ever. Even for days where you’re not feeling your best, the maxi makes you look like you have it together even though you feel like you’re in loungewear.

Dress #7: The T-Shirt Dress

It’s that dress that you can wear in the winter with tights, boots, and a chunky cardigan, or pair with some Chuck Taylors and a beanie for festival season. It’s your old faithful casual dress, and you’d be lost without it! Find one in a color that’s versatile and you can wear it to any casual event, whether it’s the movies, studying, or a concert.

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Dress Shopping Basics: Which Body Type Are You?

Dress shopping can be frustrating. What may look great on the mannequin or hanger alone may not look all that great on you. Like all clothing, there are several factors that come into play to determine how a dress will look and the biggest one is your body type.

With spring here and summer right around the corner, everyone’s out looking for cute dresses. But how do you avoid disappointment and find a dress that perfectly suits your body type? Don’t fret! We’ve laid out the most common body types to help you find a dress that will look great on you!

Pear shape

This is the most common figure for women. It simply means that the widest part of your body is below your waist and around your hips. Your top half (from your shoulders to your waist) is narrow, and you will most likely find yourself to be a dress size bigger on the bottom than on the top.

If you are a pear shape, you will want a dress that will balance out your proportions. Choose dresses with an empire waist and aim for flowy fabrics. V-neck dresses are actually ideal options that lengthen your torso and draw attention to the upper half of your body. You’ll want to avoid clingy fabrics, since they will draw attention to unwanted areas.

Apple shape

The apple shape is usually defined by a large chest area, round stomach area and broad hips and thighs. You’ll want a dress that will skim your body and take attention away from the wider mid-section. The empire neckline is best, since it makes your body look longer and leaner. An A-line is another option, as it also skims your body.

Hourglass figure

Think Kim Kardashian. The hourglass is a figure that very few women have and is the classic Hollywood physique. Ultimately, it means that your bust and hips are the same measurement. You have a well-defined waist and your body makes the perfect 8 shape.

With regards to dresses, your options are really endless. Medium or low neckline dresses and strapless dresses look stunning on you. A-lines and bodices are also perfect styles. You’ll want to avoid bulk, embellishments and heavy patterns.


If you’ve got a curvier figure, you’ll want a dress that will softly follow your body’s lines and show off your waist. You’ll also want a dress that has structure, but won’t be tight and uncomfortable. Wraps and fluid dresses are perfect to help minimize your curves. Sundresses and sheath dresses will help complement your curves and show off your waistline. You can also go for a long dress to help balance your look.


You have a larger sized chest, but you don’t want to draw all of the attention there. You want a dress that is structured on top and fuller below your waist. A belted dress is ideal for this.


A great athletic build and a straight and narrow shape all around, how do you make the dress stand out? You want to create the illusion of curves, so choose a dress that adds them to your body. A swingy dress, an oversized one, or a dress that is cinched at the waist is perfect for this purpose. Also, choose a neckline that will accentuate your bust (like a halter top).


Those who are 5’4″ or shorter generally fall into this category. To help you look taller, opt for a tight, slim silhouette and a high-waisted dress to make your legs look longer. Vertical patterns are ideal, and buttoned shirt dresses that fall just above the knee will help to create a standing line.


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Spring 2014: The Season of Fashion Don’ts?

It’s always odd when you think a trend is dead and gone and then it unexpectedly resurfaces. It’s kind of like when you go to a local show and the band is selling cassette tapes, or how hipster guys are walking around with rat-tails again. Some part of you is like, “wait, what?” and the other part of you is inexplicably drawn to it.

This is the only way we can reasonably explain what seems to be happening, fashion-wise, this spring.

Everything we thought we’d never seen again has come back in full force. How can something that once looked so dated suddenly be trendy? We may never know the answer to this question, so now the only one we have to answer is: Am I going to wear it?

Here are some of the fashion don’ts you’re sure to see on the racks this spring, if you haven’t already.


They’re everywhere. You can’t escape them. These one-piece jumpsits are no longer just made of denim, either — we’ve seen everything from leather to rayon and any fabric in-between. Just check out this sight from New York Fashion Week:

You have to admit… denim overalls with a pair of pumps is something you never expected to see. And yet, there it is, and (dare we say) it kind of looks cute. We’ve all been squeezing into skinnies for the past eight years, so there’s something to be said for the way a slouchy pair of overalls looks relaxed and casual but still stylish…kind of?

Mock-Neck Crop Tops

Why, yes, the 90s are back in full-swing! If you’ve been alive to see a trend circle around twice, does that mean you’re getting old? In any case, it’s a lot easier to make a mock-neck crop top look unassuming than it is with overalls, so that’s a point for our team. It can definitely be seen as an easy way to look sleek and sexy for summer nights when paired with some high-waisted jeans or a shapely skirt, and it’s a nice alternative to dresses when going to a bar or club. What do you think?

Matching Printed Sets

Another trend that NYFW graced us with is the matching printed set. Observe:

Yeah, something about this screams “80′s powersuit,” but a lot of people don’t seem to be complaining. Even the prints are edging into curtain/carpet/modern-art territory. That being said, there’s no doubt about the fact that they’re effortless: you don’t have to think about matching outfits! They’re also put-together: whether your boss likes your outfit or not, it’s business casual. Do you think you’ll go searching for a suit in a print you like, or leave this one to those who came before us?

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Get the Look: Shop Ariana Grande’s Wardrobe

Ariana Grande is known for her role on Nickelodeon television, along with her singing and songwriting abilities. Beyond her talent, she’s also known for her wardrobe, made up of adorable frocks and chic mini dresses both on and off the red carpet. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best of Ariana Grande’s mini dress looks and paired them with an affordable alternative. Whether you’re looking to spend a night out on the town or dancing the night away at a big event, these frocks can be dressed up on down for every occasion.

White Strapless Dress – $48.00

Perfect for your next event, this strapless white dress is perfect with a pair of neutral or colorful heels. Add some fun jewelry to spice it up or let the dress do the talking with a simple pair of stud earrings. For a summer-y look, opt for some peep toe pumps or strappy wedges.

Black Sequin Dress – $111.75

Ariana’s taken a sequined Little Black Dress for a spin more than once, both on and off the red carpet and we love her look every time! Perfect for a night out on the town, this dress speaks for itself with hardly any effort. Opt for a sexy updo for a fancier night out or let your tresses flow for a night out and about. Complete the look with sky-high pumps like Ariana or some strappy heels.

Blue Skater Dress – $49.00

By adding a fun floral spin onto an otherwise casual skater dress, you can dress it up or down according to your day or night. Add a cute skinny belt and pair it with a pair of strappy sandals or pumps depending on how casual you’d like to go. Appropriate enough for a family reunion but fun enough for a brunch with friends.

What other celebs would you love to shop their closet? Let us know by commenting below!

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