UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Lauren Dailey

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Lauren Dailey’s bohemian chic vibes are contagious. Her admirable taste for the 70’s only makes us love her more! She sure keeps it real in both her taste and attitude. She aims to always pursue her passion – something we should all abide by. Find out more about her below!

I would ask how you’d describe your own personal style, but I’m guessing it’d be “bohemian” that being the heart of your blog, what made you choose this theme?

I define my style as “bohemian-chic.” The “bohemian” side was developed as I grew up in Colorado, always surrounded in nature. The “chic” side was inspired during my time in San Francisco, with all it’s grandeur and charm.

What’re some of your fall must-haves?
For fall, I’m really loving skinny scarfs, which are like the grown up fall form of the choker trend. I also like over-the-knee boots, frayed denim and bell sleeves. You can see I’m really inspired by the 70’s!


What made you get into blogging? Was there a specific moment in time when you decided to fully commit to the industry?

A few years ago, one of my friends planted the idea in my head that I should start a fashion blog. I won best dressed in high school, but other than that I didn’t really think much of it. I really liked fashion and just decided to jump into it the weekend after she planted the seed. The rest was history.

Favorite quote?

“Time is a tree, this life one leaf. But love is the sky and I am for you, just so long and long enough.” -E. E. Cummings


Places you’ve traveled you’ll never forgot? What’s next on the list?

In college, I studied abroad in New Zealand for 6 months. I went on hiking excursions that spanned a week or more, carrying everything I needed on my back. I’ll never forget how beautiful and powerful the landscapes of New Zealand are. Next on my list is Spain or Portugal.

Something you wish you could go back and tell your teenage self?

Pursue your passion. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Best gym workout exercise?

HIIT Training by far! Or the stair stepper :)

An accessory you can never go wrong with?

Little Black Boots. Like the “Petty” boots I have from Sam Edelman.

Something your followers would be surprised to hear about you?

I worked in the financial industry for two years right out of college. I am now working at ONEHOPE Wine as a social media manager and content creator while simultaneously doing my blog. It’s all in the hustle.

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Janne Biersma


Janne Biersma radiates fashion with her down-to-earth vibes. She shares her stumble into the the life of a blogger. She’s a big fan of those over-sized comfy sweaters, and who isn’t? Snuggle up in one of those while you find out more below:

How would you describe your own personal style?

I would describe it as comfy, sometimes a bit edgy but it can be quite casual/chic as well. It mostly depends on how I feel and where I’m going on a day.

Some upcoming fall must-haves?

Some cute skirts! I always like wearing skirts during fall, but combined with a nice knit. So knits are a must have as well.

Have you always been passionate about fashion? When did you realize it was your path? 

No not always I must say. When I started blogging and reading other blogs, I was mainly focused on beauty. But after a little while I found out that I was way more interested in fashion. So since then I also started blogging about fashion myself and reading fashion magazines/blogs as well!

What’s a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up, mostly way before my alarm goes off haha. Then I check my social media, take a shower, dress myself and prepare some breakfast. After breakfast I cycle to uni. When I’m done with uni, I go home, do some studying and blogging. If there’s, I also like to meet up with friends in the city or hang out with other bloggers and shoot pictures for the blog. In the evening I make myself some food, I’m not the best cook so most of the time just something basic, and relax aka netflix and reading blogs/working on my own.

What’s a trend you hope makes a comeback/never goes out of style?

Good question. I love the over-sized knit and tees trend. They’re just so comfy and cool in combination with a pair of ripped jeans or a nice skirt. Hope that will never go out of style. And if it does, I would probably keep on wearing it.

Staple piece in your closet that you’ll never get tired of?

My checked coat from Mango. When I first bought it, I didn’t wear it that often. I felt like it was too over-sized and the print was a bit too much. But nowadays, especially on colder days, I wear it non stop.

What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?

Be yourself and put a lot of time in it. I’ve learned that if you really want something, you need to work hard for it. Be present at events, network and create pretty content. Hanging out with other bloggers is a good way to get inspired as well and they can help you if you ever have any questions. Especially since you probably have the same interests.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced in the industry?

Not so many so far. Sometimes you deal with people that are quite fake or care too much about them selves. But just try to ignore it and hang out with the people that you like.

Something your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

I don’t really like ‘real life’ shopping. Online shopping is just way easier. Maybe I’m just a bit lazy haha. But online you can just filter things out which is very useful and it’s not crowed like it is in some stores.

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Rebecca Rae Easwar


Rebecca Rae Easwar puts you in the hottest celeb styles without denting your wallet! She puts an innovative spin in the fashion world. Her determination to provide the average everyday fashionisa with a fantastic outfit seen by your favorite celeb at a cheap cost is the best idea yet! We love it! Restyle your wardrobe to look like these magazine stars without spending your entire paycheck! See how below:

Restyle is a great idea! Definitely stands out from the norm – explain it  a little to us? How’d you come up with this way to blog? Does it work well?
RESTYLE was born from the idea that “less is more.”
Like most young women, I found myself pouring over various fashion magazines and thinking to myself “This is hopeless – I’ll never be able to look like that or afford any of those beautiful pieces.”
I decided to be proactive about it – after-all, if I wasn’t able to find a source to give me what I needed, who was to say that it couldn’t be me?
With a lot of research and over a year’s worth of preparation, RESTYLE launched.
It’s core focus is to take celebrity trends and make them accessible and affordable for the everyday woman.
It shows women that you can look fabulous at a fraction of the cost – you just need to know how and where to look!
The response has been overwhelmingly positive, so I’d say it’s been working nicely thus far!

What’s your all-time favorite piece of clothing you own and will never get sick of?
Anyone who knows me, knows of my absolute obsession with Mackage.
I have several pieces by them, but my favourite has to be my wool and leather coat by them.
It’s simply gorgeous.
If I could wear it in the summer without dying, I would – I love it that much!

What made you get into blogging? Was there a specific moment in time when you decided to fully commit to the industry?
I’ve been in the industry in one capacity or another for years now.
I was a wardrobe stylist for many years before I made the segue into blogging – again, partially due to the gap I perceived that needed to be filled in.
I’ve been committed to the industry since I was a little girl!
I’ve always known fashion would be my life, it was just a matter of how.

Favorite celebrities styles you’ve mimicked?

Reese Witherspoon!
I’ve always thought she is one of those rare celebrities that is incredibly poised in all facets of her very public life.
That particular RESTYLE was memorable primarily due to the fact that the source image had both her and her young son.
Naturally, that was a no-brainer that my little man was going to be a part of the shoot.
We had lots of fun – followed by lots of ice-cream afterward!


Run us through a day in the life of being you?
First, coffee!
The day typically starts with catching up on emails, followed by planning several weeks worth of shoots.
This involves hours of research into what is trending within fashion – no-one wants to see boring, outdated stuff after-all.
It’s balancing what feels fresh and current, but not necessarily pandering to the potential meme-ification of celebrities.
Then, it’s off to the local malls to source pieces for shoots followed by some well deserved Starbucks (the PSL is back!)!
Usually the day wraps up with family time with my hubby and 3 year-old son, which is always wonderful.

How would you describe your own personal style?
Chic, classic.
I’ve never been one for “loud” fashion – I’ve always preferred the sophisticated end more-so.

What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?
Don’t. Give. Up.
There will be days, sometimes even weeks on end, where you question what you’re doing.
But, hard work always pays off.
Work hard. Work smart. Work towards goals. Just, work.
The payoff at the end will be worth everything.

Favorite quote?
“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath, and try again.”
– K. Witten

What’re some fall must-haves?
The perfect combination of jeans and riding-boots, and of course the fall staples – blanket scarves, denim/leather jacket.

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetter of the Week: Ela Grabowski

Bright Blouse1

The ironically camera shy, Ela Grabowski breaks out of shell into the fashion world. She shares how to proudly own your confidence and face the camera. She constantly pushes herself to be the best she can be.With this attitude she finds herself successfully strutting the hottest styles yet!

What’re some of your upcoming fall must-haves? 

Bomber jackets & velvet dresses, which I look forward to styling on my blog very soon.


Best adventure you’ve been on?

Backpacking across Europe with my boyfriend. We managed to visit 5 countries within a month, which included Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, and France. Experiencing all the different cultures in such a short period of time was truly remarkable.


Favorite quote?

I have so many! But one of my favorites is “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” –Aldous Huxley


Something your readers would be surprised to hear about you?

I’m actually super shy when it comes to taking photos, which may come as a surprise considering I have a fashion blog, but what better way to step outside your comfort zone.


What’s a trend you hope makes a comeback/never goes out of style?

Off the shoulder tops! It’s a trend that I think will be staying with us for a while. Chokers are also a trend that I’ve fallen in love with recently.


Staple piece in your closet that you’ll never get tired of?

White sneakers. They’re classic and pretty much go with everything. I think you can get away with wearing them all year around.


What’s left on the bucket list?

I still have so many things I want to do and accomplish. A few would be to travel and invest more time in my blog. It’s the one thing I’m truly passionate about and feel as though it’s a place I can escape and feel at ease.


Biggest challenge you’ve faced in the industry?

Since I started blogging I’ve had a hard time connecting with other bloggers locally and finding the right events to attend. I definitely hope to start networking more locally, whenever I can find the time.


What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?

 Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers in the industry because it will only set you back.  Instead, seeing other bloggers succeed should motivate you and help push you to keep creating great content for your readers.

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UsTrendy’s Trendsetters of the Week: Payton Sartain


Payton Sartain’s chic and boho style runs the streets of LA. She not only dresses to success but accomplishes it beautifully. She’s truly an icon to us. Her casual, pastel vibes give the tranquil feel that we want in our trendsetters. Though, she sure has the grind and hustle to take over the fashion world. Check her out below(:

Born and raised Texan found in LA, have you adapted well? Which do you like better?

I was actually born in Florida, and lived there and in Texas growing up! My Dad was a fighter pilot, so we lived the typical move-every-two-years military lifestyle for a long time. I find adapting to new places extremely easy, so the transition has been relatively seamless! California is an amazing to place to live and it’s right where I need to be for work. Texas will always feel like home, though.

Fav spots in LA?

I’m SUPER into feasting, LOL, so living in Los Angeles has been really exciting…. the restaurants here are UNREAL. My favorites are The Ivy ( classic ), Toca Madera, Flower Child ( new healthy spot in Santa Monica! ), and Mercado for great happy hour drinks & bites!

The recipes on your blog look amazing – have you always been into healthy eats? What’s your favorite recipe of them all? Sweet or salty type of gal?

Growing up, my sister, brother, and I were always heavily involved in athletics, so we rarely had time to sit down as a family to eat something “healthy.” I grew up on fast food. Like I said, I LOVE food, and I’ve always had a tendency to reach for something not-so-healthy because I hate sacrificing taste. I always think…. what if I die in an hour & the last thing I ate was a salad?? Haha, irrational, but still. On Hustle + Halcyon, I share my go-to recipes that make me feel like I’m not sacrificing taste…. and they happen to be healthy. I’d say my go-to meal recipe is my zucchini pizzas & my favorite dessert recipe is my clean-eating crepe ( stuffed with fruit & topped with coconut whipped creme! ).


Most beautiful place you’ve traveled to?

I thought Cinque Terre, a grouping of 5 villages almost on the border between Italy & the south of France, was INCREDIBLE when I visited a couple of years ago. Here in California, I really love northern Malibu. It may seem weird, but I think that the land out at my family’s place in deep east Texas is SO incredibly beautiful. Especially in the fall & the spring when the seasons are changing. I can’t pick ONE! 

What’s a trend you hope makes a comeback/never goes out of style?

I hope that harem pants NEVER happen again, and I hope over-the-knee boots are here to stay forever.

Staple piece in your closet that you’ll never get tired of?

My Celine nano crossbody! It’s my baby! 

Any meaning behind the name of your blog; Hustle and Halcyon? What made you choose this?

Well, the word Halcyon ( HAL-SEE-ON ) means calm, peaceful, and tranquil. Oftentimes, like most people, I feel like I’m a combination of personality types. I work really, really long hours, and I LOVE my work ( I’m pretty addicted to being productive ), but I also want to be able to calm down, relax, and focus internally. The balance between the worlds Hustle and Halcyon is one I’m seeking to strike in my own life, and I write a lot about maintaining a balance on the blog. 

What’re some of your fall must haves?

This fall, I will be living in my snakeskin black bootiesmy favorite high-waisted jeans, & a simple T. Also, a cute mini dress is a must for going out.

You have so many categories on your blog – what’s your favorite topic to write about?

Currently, I love writing about style tips & trends. I’ve always enjoyed writing helpful articles about life, too, but I haven’t found the time to actually sit down, reflect, and write something more meaningful since moving to LA a few months ago. I need to get back on that! 

What is your biggest tip for young women hoping to get into the fashion and media industry?

Start something. Start a blog, an instagram account, a tumblr blog. Just start. I started my blog in College Station, TX, hunted down a photographer in that small town to take pictures, and I made it happen. Nothing is perfect from the beginning, but you HAVE to start!

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