4 Tips for “Growing Up” Your Wardrobe

Do you ever look in your closet, and get the feeling that something is missing? You aren’t missing your favorite pair of jeans or blouse, but it seems like your wardrobe has been seriously lacking in the style department recently. Your outfits don’t seem to look as stylish as they used to, and you wonder how so many of your friends feel like they stepped out of a fashion magazine. Your wardrobe may need a bit of a makeover, but your personal sense of style may need some change.

When some women talk about improving their style, they may be subconsciously thinking that they aren’t “dressing their age.” Nobody wants to be that clueless woman wandering around in the junior’s section at a department store, but sometimes we become that person without even knowing it. “Dressing your age” has become such an ambiguous term, and when you live in a world where your favorite childhood cartoons are getting movie deals, it can be harder to let go of some of our more “childish” clothing. If you’re ready to dress your age, and still retain some of your personal style, follow these tips when you’re planning your next outfit.

Give up your hoodies

Everybody has that one absolutely comfortable hoodie they’ve had for years. Your baggy sweatshirts and hoodies may be comfortable, but it’s time that you relegate them to in-home use only. Jackets and blazers are far more stylish than any hoodie or sweatshirt, and they can be thrown on just as easily. Resist the urge to throw one on when you’re running out of the house, and make sure that you always reach for your jacket.

Toss your dirty sneakers

Maybe you love to live in a beat up pair of your old Nikes, or perhaps you can’t get rid of a pair of Chuck Taylors you’ve had since you were in college. Those shoes may be comfortable, and can even add some much needed “edge” to an outfit, but if you want to start dressing like an adult, you’ll have to part with your sneakers. If you want something that’s just as comfortable and easy to put on, look for stylish flats or sandals that you can match with most of your outfits.

Have some casual dresses

When you open your closet to scope out your dresses, what do you see? Do you see a lot of skintight dresses with sequins that you usually use for clubbing? Do you have a little black dress that you could see yourself wearing on a date, but not anywhere else? Or do you even have a row of special occasion dresses that you’ll never wear again? If all of your dresses look like they belong in a music video or a wedding instead of a casual afternoon with friends, it’s time to get some new ones. Look for casual dresses that can be dressed up or down for whatever occasion you need. Casual day dress and little black dress

Choose fitted shirts

Baseball tees, concert shirts, and a few baby doll shirts with graphic prints are great for when you’re lounging around the house, but they aren’t so great for going out or going to work. Ban any shirt that has a boxy cut to it from your wardrobe, and look for shirts that have some definition to them. A cinched waist or a banded or draped neckline can instantly age and class up any outfit.

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Tips for Bringing Out Your Summer Sexiness

Summer is a time where you want to be able to show off your body, but some people may be a little reluctant to do so. Some haven’t been able to meet their ideal weight loss goal, and others may just be convinced that they look bigger than they actually are. Some women hate the summer since they have to say good-bye to some of their baggy sweaters and jeans, but you shouldn’t miss out on wearing cute clothes this summer because you’re worried about not looking slim. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a healthy diet and exercise routine, but it can take time to start to see any results. If you need to look skinny now, there are some things you can do make yourself seem slimmer.

Switch up your makeup

If you want to look slimmer this summer, try doing something a little new with your make-up. High cheekbones can help make you look slim, but luckily you don’t have to be born with them to reap their benefits. Pick up a 3 toned blush palette and put the darkest tone just below your cheek bone, then brush the medium tone right above the dark tone and the lightest tone to finish it off. Also, if you want to draw attention upward, try toning down the rest of your make-up so you can accentuate one area on your face like your lips or your eyes.

Consider proportion

beltIf you don’t feel like you look slim enough, you may not be dressing to your proper proportion. Proper proportion depends on a few factors: the proportion between your top half and your bottom half, your basic bone structure, shoulder width, neck length, and hip width. If your top half is larger than your bottom half, wear clothes that minimize the top and draw more attention to your bottom half. If your bottom half is bigger than your top half you would do the opposite. Be sure to pay attention to body details like your torso (long, short), bosom (high, low, large, or small), hips (wide side-to-side or wide front-to-back), and recognizing where you carry the most weight.

Use the right accessories

The right earrings and shoes can make your outfit, and the right accessories can help you look slim and sexy this summer. Get seem heels and flats with pointy toes. The long toes help add length to your legs, and help give them a thinner and longer look. If you’re curvier try carrying a large clutch for purse or a tiny handbag so that your bag better matches your proportion. You should also try to ad belts to your wardrobe, they help create and hourglass shape and make you look more proportionate.

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3 Sexy Party Dresses Every Girl Must Have

Some dresses are all business but the fun dresses are the sexy ones. If you’re going to parties then you need sexy party dresses, but how do you get what you need without breaking your budget? Here are the essentials for every party girl:

The Little Black Dress – Of course! This is the one sexy party dress everyone knows you need, and that traditional wisdom still true today. Your little black dress is your classic cocktail dress. It will easily be the most versatile sexy dress you own, able to make an appearance at an after-hours work event, a fancy party or an evening out with the girls. The reason the LBD is so essential is because it is classical: the black will match anything, and the style will work in any season. Combine with a shawl or long coat in the winter, or wear as-is in the summer. The ideal little black dress is sexy but not too sexy, your most conservative knock-em-dead dress. If you only have one truly sexy party dress, this should be it, but don’t miss out the other two types below.

Image of little black dress

The flouncy summer dress – Black is fine but in summer you want some color! Every girl’s social calendar is busier in the summer, with lots of parties and events to go to. That’s when it’s time to bring out something truly eye catching. In summer, sexy party dresses need two main qualities: they should pop with color and they should be breezy and flowing. If you want to show off your figure then flowing can mean a shorter dress that bubbles out at the hips, but you’ll also get lots of looks in a long dress that just hangs off you—provided it is cut low in the right places. The idea here is to look like you just came from the Mediterranean.

Image of maxi dress

The club dress – Both of the above can be worn to a club, but they’re not what we think of as club wear. For the club you can go over the top. This is where you should pull out your open backs, plunging necklines, cutout dresses, sequin, and gold and silver dresses. But while the club is the right place to go sexy, be careful with fishnet and see through materials; even with a good under layer they can send the wrong message.

Image of sexy dress

What do you look for in sexy party dresses?

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4 Unique Dresses No One Else Can Match

It’s summer, the season of amazing dresses and parties. But how do you avoid wearing the same thing as everyone else, and still look fashionable? Here are four types of unique dresses you can’t go wrong with.

image of unique dressEmbroidered – What century is this? We know, embroidery sounds old and stuffy, but when you see it put to work on sexy summer dresses you’ll think again. An emerging trend in today’s fashion world is the limited use of embroidery along the neckline of cute, dresses. Even as this becomes more of a trend, there are so many different styles of embroidery that no one else will have the same look you do. There are two main types of embroidered neckline right now: those that are purely decorative work on the material of the dress, and those that also involve perforations so that a little skin shows though.

Pattern printed – This trend has hung around another year and we’re all glad it has. An otherwise normal dress can become one-of-a-kind when it’s made with a printed pattern. In some cases, that means patterned fabric, but more popular right now are prints that are placed intentionally on the dress to accentuate your figure and your best assets. You can go wild with these unique dresses, because no two are alike.

Flared dresses – A lot of women are afraid to go for the narrow-waisted, flared dresses that we see so much at celebrity events. But you don’t have to have an hourglass figure to make these dresses work. The trick is to get one where the waist is at the exact right height for your body. That way you are working with the shape of the dress, not against it.

Classic dress, new color – One way to get a truly unique dress without looking like a down and out pop star is to take a perfectly normal, classical cut of dress and find it in a unique color. Teal, peach, robin’s egg blue, saffron, and other bright in-between colors do a marvelous job of this. Don’t overlook white: white dresses are stunning in the summer, but many women are afraid to wear them. You’ll stand out!

What do you look for in a unique dress?

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What’s New in Trendy Clothes: Summer 2014

Everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends but it can be overwhelming. Luckily, in 2014 the newest trendy clothes aren’t a huge departure from last year, and a little creativity can keep you on the cutting edge without demanding an entire new wardrobe. The keyword this year is: downsize. What does that mean? Have a look at these new trends and you’ll see:

Skinny jeans, yes; chunky tops no

Skinny jeans are still in, which is going to make a lot of us wish we could jump forward a couple years to the end of the trend. The good news is they’re available in more cuts and styles than ever before, and the skinny cut doesn’t have to translate to skin tight sizes. Plus. The chunky top trend of past years seems to be on its way out, which means you won’t have to fret over finding oversize summer tops that don’t look like tents.

Ditch the welding mask

Sorry, Lady Gaga, the giant sunglasses trend is DONE! And it’s about time. We all love out glitzy pop star shades but even celebrities are moving toward smaller, more classical shapes for their eyewear—which gives you a lot more versatility and also means you don’t have to hide half your face just to keep the sun out of your eyes. flats


We can all breathe a secret sigh of relief, because this summer’s trendy clothes are worn more and more with flats. Of course, you’ll always see sexy high heels no matter what year it is, but this year you’ll see a surprising number of women rocking cute, innocent flats with their sexy summer dresses. Take advantage of the trend while you can!

Skirt and tights

This remains the universal favorite in young, trendy clothes for several years running. The difference is that people are done with the wild print leotards and bright 60s-style leggings. A simple pair of black or colored tights will work with your skirts. A little intentional clash of colors is still popular, but only if you can pull it off with the overall outfit—we aren’t striving to be like Austin Powers here.

Bright colors, bold patterns

Despite toning down the leggings and accessories, bright colors and crazy patterns are still in. Yes, a checkerboard shawl over a graphic tee and pink skirt is still going to work. It’s summer so show it off!

What are you looking for in trendy clothes this year?

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