Indu Arora

October 13, 2009 at 01:47 PM


Indu Arora has been working in the design industry for a number of years. After studying medicine in India, she moved to the United States. About five years ago, she began designing fashion. When she designed her first dress, it was “much admired.” As a result of that first success, she began to create her premier design collection, with the help of her seamstress.

Indu designs for her fashion manufacture and design house, Indu Fashion Services, in Cupertino, California. She designs two collections per year for her label; her company also provides consulting, manufacturing and materials services to independent boutiques and designers. The company tracks current fashion forecasts and market trends, and stays informed of fabric designs and availability and technological advances in production.

As a fashion designer, Indu prides herself on her ability to be “fashion forward, and think ahead of the crowd.” She draws inspiration from the work of the Russian-born painter and fashion/costume designer Erté, who is considered a pioneer artist and designer of the Art Deco era.

Indu has found that funding is the single biggest obstacle to success in fashion design; a designer must find the financial means that provide time and materials required for creativity. Her advice for aspiring designers is to “follow your dreams faithfully, work hard, and be focused.”

Indu’s fashion addiction is the short dress, with “loud accessories.” If she could resurrect one fashion design, it would be the 1970s jumpsuit. She believes that every woman should have a “little black dress” in her closet.

Her designs are evocative of the contemporary woman, with glamorous and exotic touches of her Indian heritage. If Indu were to envision a celebrity wearing her designs, it would be Angelina Jolie. She categorizes her fashions as “fashion forward dresses.” You can read more about Indu at UsTrendy, where you can also visit her store.



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