About Us

UsTrendy allows you to shop and discover one-of-a-kind fashions from all over the world. Our global marketplace contains hundreds of thousands of unique items. Our platform helps to democratize fashion, so that you help decide what designs are produced and promoted each season.

At the same time, UsTrendy helps independent fashion designers sell their products, obtain funding, and gain other assistance to launch and grow their indie clothing lines. So, whether you are a fashion lover or an aspiring fashion designer, UsTrendy is the destination to meet your fashion needs.

The Story: What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

In 2008, Sam Sisakhti founded UsTrendy to help talented fashion designers break down barriers created by the industry’s elite to make a name for themselves.

It all started with a guys’ trip to Vegas, where Sam reunites with his I-Just-Moved-To-L.A.-To-Make-It-As-A-Fashion-Designer childhood friend, Aaron. A concerned Sam notices Aaron is not his normal, peppy self, who later reveals his emotional and financial struggles trying to make it in the fashion industry as a successful designer, but still stay true to his own, distinctive style that got him noticed by fashion admirers in the first place.

Sam, an avid shopper, goes on to share his distaste with the lack of options found in so many stores today and wishes he could have a say in seeing more unique clothing like Aaron’s be made available to the public, but without saturating the market.

And voila, UsTrendy was born! Well…it wasn’t that simple, but it is for YOU! Sign up is fast & free!

Whats in it for you?


Open up an UsTrendy shop today and sell your work to the world. And while you’re at it, show off your work! Create an online portfolio so that you can enter competitions to have your clothing line funded and promoted in major fashion weeks.
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Why join?

(Besides the fact that it’s FREE)
  • Sell your products to people across the world
  • Win $$$$ prizes in design contests
  • Gain increased exposure
  • Market and promote your own fashion events
  • Receive feedback from potential markets
  • Network with other designers

Tired of seeing the same old clothes and brands at stores? Here’s your chance to shop and discover clothing from emerging designers around the world. This is your chance to tell tell the fashion industry what YOU like and what YOU want to see!
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Shop one-of-kind items & Earn prizes by letting your voice be heard!

For your voting participation, you can win:
  • $50 dollar store gift certificates for voting
  • Product giveaways
  • Tickets, airfare, and lodging for UsTrendy and partner events

For contest winners & top-rated

  • Early funding to enable clothing production
  • Promotion and runway shows in major fashion weeks
  • Features in UsTrendy and partner fashion events
  • Featured spots on UsTrendy website and/or newsletter

Set trends of tomorrow…

  • Shop for unique items in the UsTrendy Shop
  • Determine what's produced and promoted by UsTrendy
  • Discover and spread the word on new talent
  • Blog your heart out on all things fashion (and maybe get a guest blog spot!)
  • Share and promote your favorite designer events
  • Give designers feedback to help develop their designs



You’ll just never know where the next greatest talent comes from, so UsTrendy goes from here to Timbuktu (Well, not that far, but you know what we mean!) to help support designers. We partner with events throughout fashionable cities across the country to help our top-rated designers feature their designs and gain press coverage and exposure to fashion industry professionals, giving them a network of people that will help grow their careers. After all, they do say it’s all about who you know!

We provide an additional platform to promote and support the local, independent design talent from the cities of our partner events, while encouraging the connection between fans and a city’s local fashion community of businesses, media, and emerging designers. For event inquiries or suggestions, please contact joyce@ustrendy.com

Check out some of our recent partnership events:

- Boston Fashion Expose 2009

- London Fashion Week Feb 2010

UsTrendy cares with UsAwareness

Here at UsTrendy, there's no need to feel guilty about being addicted to fashion. UsAwareness serves as the socially responsible sister to the UsTrendy community, allowing users to post and vote for their favorite charitable/non-profit causes to receive donations.

Stay tuned! Our charitable partnerships and events are forming as we speak!